Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Calling all Cupcake Lovers

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Hello, sorry i havent posted for a while... for me it feels like ages. Its been such a busy week with organizing my new cardmaking lessons which will be starting at the end of this month and madly trying to finish my Fresh Fold Flower sets for sale. Inbetween that our son came off his bike in the skate park and hurt his shoulder Dave took him to casualty to have it all checked out..and a tetnus needle.. thank the Lord it wasnt broken. He's a bit sore, sad and sorry at the moment though. Our younger daughter was crying her eyes out last night because she sat on one of her baby mice while tring to nurse them all and our older daughter was up till all hours last night finishing an assinment (due today) for her Sutddies of Religion class and fell asleep when she'd almost finished. Woke up early this morning to discover she hadnt saved her work properly which had vanished and was distrort...well that woke us all up by then.
we spent the next 2 hours trying to recover her work and with alot of prayer and Bens computer skills we found the assinment 2 min. before they had to get on the bus. sigh!!!!!!!!!!! im stuffed to take my mind off all this i sat down ...after id done the house work of course and made this card for you to enjoy... if you need help click back to the fold example it letting off some steam.the pattern is below..oh and on top of all that our easter plans fell on there face. well sometimes life deals all sorts of stuff up for us i am just thankfull God cares.

and a last thought

God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help in trouble
Psalm 46:1


Laura lok said...

very clever idea

Jean said...

This is such a cute cupcake TFS!

Elizabeth *^..^* said...

WOWZERS!! Just found your site. Your paper folding is amazing!! Did you see my cupcake card I created in January?? It's here

I'm thinking the folding would be easier than all the cutting I did to create the base for my cupcake holder. Thanks for showing this and sharing all your ideas. Can't wait to try some.


ChrissyM said...

As always lovely card! I wish I lived closer I would love to take a class of yours or just sit down and learn from you. Your so creative! Glad to hear your son's shoulder isn't broken and you were able to save your daughters assignment just in time.


Anonymous said...

I posted my comment on the CoC, but I thought I should post one here. Your tutorials are great and you put the most lovely looking samples of your work.
You inspire me so much! TFS


Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute ... so glad I found your blog ... wonderful creations.

Mlor said...

Thank you very much for this pattern...