Monday, February 15, 2010

I am now an independent demonstrator for Stampin up

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It's all too exciting but yes i have just signed up to be an independent Stampin up demonstrator so go easy on me at first im still getting my head around all this and hope to have some more links up here for bookings and orders etc very soon. I love all there products and have done for some years as you would see with a lot of my punch projects. I especially love how everything coordinates together from stamps with punches to inks with papers and markers etc and have found there products to be of a very high quality. This dose not mean my whole blog will now be stampin up only as i have had lots of other ideas of my own which i will continue to publish. I need to thank Juliana for helping me and i have a feeling i will need a heap more help yet! so for now if you would like to browse the catalogue just click on the pic below and i will soon have my own business links up for you all. just a thought.........whats in your cup? is it just stuff or has it overflowed on the table with Gods blessings of love, grace and His hope in your life!

and a last thought

My cup overflows with blessings
Psalm 23:5

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Valentine Day Birthday

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Happy Valentines day for Sunday! which happens to be my mums birthday and i wanted to show you the card i made for her. I wanted it to have lots of flowers and I'm still loving the colour combination of pink with stampin ups Cameo coral so here are my results.....

If your interested in making the larger altered teabag flower in the middle i have instructions here the rest of the flowers are a mix of punches i have.

and a last thought but one that has challenged me

Perfect love casts out all fear
1 John 4:18

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

little baby punchart birds/ video

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Hi all, I'm really enjoying using my punches lately and came up with these cute little baby birds. Our daughter starts Uni to do Primary Teaching in a couple of weeks so i made her this card. Big changes for us all....and I'm not sure if I'm really loving all these changes but at the same time its a fact of life and we know she is very excited to start hers. So on to the baby will need:

One 1 3/8' circle punch for the body.
one 1 1/4' circle punch for the body.
one 1' circle punch for the body.
Two different flowers from the spring bouquet punch, the 8 petal one
for the feet(punch2) and tail,and one petal from the 5 petal flower for the beak.
one - three small oval punches depending if you want the wings open or closed.
Five 1/2' circle punches for the eyes, one cut in half for the eyelids.
And two regular hole punches for the inner eyes.
video tutorial below!

I'm not going to show you all the steps here in pics but i will show you how i cut the cute little legs. I used the 8 petal flower from the spring bouquet punch for this and I've marked it here where to cut. This will give you that cute little chicken leg look!

And these are a few different coloured ones I've done...some with wings closed.....they are so cute!

If you listen carefully on the video you can hear the Little Wattle birds in the background.... i recorded this just on sunset and they all seemed to be saying goodnight! Well i hope you enjoy my little punch babies.

Don't measure the size of your mountain,talk to the one who can move it!...until next post.......Valita

and a last thought

When i am afraid,
I put my trust in You.
Psalm 56:3

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Altered Teabag scallop flower plus video

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Hi all, i have a really great friend that has been a mentor for me while i have been working through panic attacks and all the counseling Ive been through for it and i wanted to say thank you to her for the hours she's spent just talking with me so i thought id make her this card. I also wanted to show you this cool altered teabag flower. the original is here on YouTube and it was a lot bigger and bulkier so i tried one with my circle scallop punch from stampin up and it turned out really nice. I did one step different though. I have seen this fold before but not popped back out in this way. video Tutorial below...... you will need:

from a light weight card
3 scallop circles
one 1/2' circle punch and
one small flower for the center, i used the spring bouquet punch
ink of your colour choice
a jewel for the center, glitter
and some ribbon for the leaves

Ink each scallop in the center and around the edges and also the small center flower. Now fold each one in half colour side in, then fold each side up into the center as seen below.

Bring the sides back up.

Then push the insides flat with your finger. this is one set of petals

When you've made all three glue them to the 1/2' circle. Add the smaller flower in the center and a jewel, glitter not shown here...sorry.... Now this is how the flower i seen was left but i didn't like the extra card that was peeping out from behind the petals so i simply cut them out. Make sure you don't cut into the fold, just a triangle cut out will work well shown here in green. Doing this i think it looked a whole lot better.

so here's a close up of the finished flower on the card

Give this a go! it was really very easy and effective! ...Valita

and a last thought

When I was a child,
I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child.
But when I grew up, I put away childish things.
1 Corinthians 13:11