Wednesday, July 8, 2009

paper Hibiscus / video

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It's another cold wet winter day here in Oz but warm at heart with this paper hibiscus. Ive been so inspired by Joannes no tool flowers and asked her some time ago if it was alright to post a few of my own designs and this Hibiscus is one of them. This was also the last card i gave my mum in law when she was last in hospital.

you will need:

light weight card
coloured pencils and markers
Med sun punch
emboss mat
The Hula girl is a sizzix sizzlits die

Cut 5 petals from the pattern, 1 sun punch, 1 thick end of the stamen and 1 thin stamen top with 2 slits cut in the end ( refer to the pattern for measurements). ink all these.

next to add more colour to the petals i simply used a crayola pencil and a regular texter or marker.starting at the pointed tip and flicking the colour towards you.

to shape the petals i used my makeshift deet tool which is a knitting needle glued into a piece of dowel. start at the point pressing firm drag the tool along the petal and fan this out as you go always starting at the point

emboss all five. this kind of embossing will create the curl in the petals you want without doing any other shaping.

Cut a circle of scrap about 1" round and this will be the base to glue the petals to. You can draw some dividing lines as a guide if you like.

A range all five petals and let the glue dry.

Now roll the thicker bottom of the stamen and glue up.

colour glue and slide in the center the of the roll the top longer stamen with the slits.

Cut a circle from the center of the sun punch and apply some glue to the center. place at the top and roll the sun frill around ...

Glue closed and bend down the long center stamens...once dry with a strong glue attach to the center of your flower

add glitter to the stamen and some crystal glitter to the base if you can see some glue

leaves are easy using your emboss tool make a line down the center and veins on the sides and add some inked edges to highlight the embossing. make at least 3 leaves.

Use foam tape 3 layers think to support the petals. Remember to let all this dry before attaching to you card......follow this link for the Video Tutorial .....I hope you have enjoyed its been a labor of love ..Valita

When i taught this in my class my friend Joan came up with this double hibiscus! isn't it beautiful!! thanks Joan for your inspiration.

and a last thought

Dear brother, you have been given freedom:
not freedom to do wrong, but freedom to love
and serve each other.
Galatians 5:13

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My First online video Tutorial ...rolled scallop Rose

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