Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My brother is safe from the fires

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Hi all, Ive had a few emails asking about the fires in Victoria and thought id post some news here.... I'd been praying that my brother would be able to make contact with us as he lives near Narbethong. He rang this morning on 2 bars of his cel phone which hed said he had to drive up a mountain to get any much to our relief and said they were all ok... the lord had His hand over them as he said they seen the fires comming and just above them the sky opened up to a blue sky and the fires went around them....praise God for their safety!! after the fires had pasted he went into the towns to help and the devestation was so bad dead people and animals etc. He is a nurse so its in his nature to want to help where he can. Please keep the people of Victoria in your prayres they are going though so much greif and loss.......take care and thankyou for your concerns .....Valita

Monday, February 9, 2009

No tool Flowers

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Hi Everyone, im finally back at my card making lessons after a great holiday break. But i do ask you all to keep in your prayers all the people effected by these horrific bush fires in Victoria Australia....I've been worried sick for my brother and his family that live 10km for Marysville town that got completely wiped out and the death toll is at 131 and rising. At this stage i have heard they are ok but we still haven't made contact with him. Such a sick feeling.
To start my classes i wanted to do some more punch art flowers and i know a lot of the ladies haven't got all those punches sooooo i have loved the concept of Joannes no tool flowers and decided to show them these first knowing they can acheive these at home themselves. I cant thank you enough Joanne as many of my ladies are enjoying these. Im not going to show you all this as a tutorial as i would love you to go to Joannes site and read this for yourself. heres a close up of mine........

I love these please go to Joannes site to find out more on this you will love them...just a short post from me as im not feeling the best for my brother.....Valita

and a last thought

Each morning I will look to you
in heaven and lay my requests before you,
praying earnestly.
Psalms 5:3