Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My summer pics to warm all those without it

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I was asked to add some warm summer pics for all those on the opposite side of the world in winter!! so heres what we've been up to over summer....... this is us at Copeton Dam a 3,1/2
drive from where we live and3 times bigger than Sydney habour

This is one of our swimming beaches called Shelly Beach on sunset

And looking up the mouth of the Nambucca River just around the corner from this beach also at sunset
Our Family present we bought this year were 3 Kayaks

Madaleine was given fishing gear and loves to fish...although looks like in this pic shes showing me the size of the one that got away...LOL

Our local pool where i do all my laps

The summer shave for our 3 dogs...this one is Milly shes the bravest!!

BBQs with friends.... this was Dave birthday in Dec....

Christmas guess what Madd. got!!

Christmas Day picnic lunch in my parents backyard under the mango tree.

enjoying my twin sister's new baby

Me and My twin sister
Beth on boxing day we were out again on the kyacks

New year eve on the Scotts head beach ready to watch the fire works

The fire works were up on Elephant headland right above where we were sitting on the beach this pic dose not give it credit for how big it was

My sister lives near Brisbane which is a 5 hour drive from we surprised her at her party

and My 40th party...... I have to thank Dave and the kids for they went to a huge effort to make this night such a fun night for me...putting up some cool lights on the verandah and fairy lights in our gorgeous frangipani tree.....i loved it

this was after alot of people had left...and no im not drunk...we dont drink alcohol just good old fashin fun!!! loved it!

so thats been our summer so far ...heaps of good memories great company and God's leading and Blessings. Both our older Kids have had summer jobs and Beth has just been employed for the year in a bakery/cafe so she can save some money for college...but its so quiet here this week with them all at summer camp Beth rang us and as well as the band singing they've got her as a counselor for one of the girl dorms she was really happy... Ben and Madd, are campers......... warm thoughts and blessings to you all....Valita

and a last thought

And we know that all that happens to us
is working for our good if we
love God and are fitting into His plans.
Romans 8:28

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hi again everyone and happy new year etc

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Its been a while since Ive posted and for good reasons. Ive spent this past month or so just loving being with my family! haven't made one card or even looked at my stuff! woooow HOOOOw.
Me and my twin sister recently turned 40 early Jan and that was a blast! although i havent made anything in the way of a card ive have kept my fingers busy with some paintings....this one i did for my twin sister for her 40th......

and then i made these for our own wall. each one stands about 1/2 a meter high and has the meaning of our names on them....i was really pleased how they turned out.

and heres a pic from my party...i had so much fun.........

I know this post is short but there's still some holiday time left for me!!! the kids are all off to summer camps this week with Beth singing in the youth band for we get to spend the last bit with just Dave and Me ...will be nice!! but i would like to leave you with this verse that has had special meaning to me over the holidays..........Valita

and a last thought

I have loved you, Oh my people,
with an everlasting love; with
loving kindness i have drawn you to me.
Jeremiah 31:3