Monday, June 30, 2008

Pancake night / Fundraiser / patterns

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Hi all, wow such a busy week we've had racing around getting organised for our pancake night. Dave and I will be riding in a Bike for Bibles Ride in October and rasing money for the Bible Society which this year will be going to Abroiginal communites at the top end of Australia....getting the gospel and literature to them in their own culture. So we have been madly selling chocolates. This has been our first bigger fundraiser night. We had 75 people turn up on the night and made just over $500 praise God! it was such a fun night....everything we needed for the night was donated by ladies from our church from pancake mixture and lots of it! to many different savory and sweet toppings and so many people got in and helped clean it all up after....we had 6 pans constantly cooking pancakes, we had a Flip off comp and a stuff down comp which were so funny. I made cards for the prize winners and thankyou cards for all who donated food. So id like to show you my cards and share the patterns with you.

A few weeks before we used this poster in the shape of a pancake to advertise the night and stuck one in the youth room on thier roof while we cooked them choc chip pancakes! and below are the for the big Flip Off comp which included a flip....and the other for the big stuff down which included some mylanta (indigestion medicine). LOL

Here's some close ups of the thanyou and prize cards. the cooks hat is a sizzix die. the other shapes i hand drew.

This thankyou card was made using different size oval punches

and some pics from the night.

and lastly here are the patterns. I know its not something you will use that often but i thought i would share this as i looked for something like this for the night but couldnt find a now there is a pattern to go by.....enjoy....Valita

and a last thought
Happy are those who long to be just and good,
for they shall be completely satisfied.
Matthew 5:6

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

water colour / Folded flower

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Hello everyone, Its nice and chilly here today Ive been for my morning walk which was a huge effort for me today as i had a stack on my bike on sunday and am still a bit stiff and brused, my hip came off the worst......still can't figure out how i skinned both kness! but looks like I'll have to get a new helmet, that saved the old scon LOL. Well i though I'd show you Monday's cards we did in class. The ladies havent done much water colouring so we had a go at it. This is a new stamp for me from Stampendous called Fresh Blooms.
The leaves were hand drawn as i didnt have a stamp to match the sketching of the flower...very simple to do, but if your just not good at that find some leaf shapes and just trace them. The second card is a Dahlia fold card. I love this fold it can be made into so many things. Go here for the original Dahlia fold instructions.

We used just 2, 2.5" circles for this flower and the leaves are a sizzix die, stamens are a Leone em punch. Comes up quite effective but simple. Well just a short post today but i hope these can inspire you once again.....till next post.....Valita

and a last thought

The more lowly your service to others,
the greater you are. To be the greatest be a servent.
But those who think themselves great will be disapointed
and humbled; and those who humble themselves shall be exalted.
Matthew 23:11,12

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My NEW Fresh Fold Patterns + free tutorial

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Hi, Im excited to show you some of my new Fresh fold patterns that i have for sale. Stitched flowers scrappers addition and Big Bugs stitched scrappers addition. You can read more on my pattern blog.... but to kick these off im going to share my free Rose Bud pattern with you as a step by step tutorial so you can get a little feel for what's in the packs for sale. Remember all my patterns are done with a basic knowledge of Iris Folding.

This is the finished Rose bud card

Step 1. Print out the pattern to suit your card size

Step 2. Using a light box or window trace the out line onto your card front
and cut out using a sharp craft knife. This is where i cut 2, one to keep as a
template and store it with the pattern for later use and the other to work on.

Step 3. Remember you are working on the back of your card front now
Tape your pattern to your work surface then position the cut out over the pattern
lightly tape this down also.

Step 4. Now the fun part starts. hopefully you have already chosen your colours.
i use a patterned scrappbooking paper for all the scrappers addition sets
the smaller the print the better the effect.
These next pics will show you how to do the corner folds so its important to follow the numbers. and tape each one down as you go. DON'T get any tape on the pattern or this will show on the finished card front.

Corner fold 1.

Corner fold 2.

Corner fold 3.

Numbers 4 & 5 are normal IF folds and here number 6 is shown as the first leaf
.....if your not sure on these fold go here and see some examples.

Now all other fold are done in a normal IF fashion.
and this is what it will look like...i know messy and weird but
remember you working on the back!

Ok now carefully take the finished folded card front off your work surface
trim off any tape thats hanging over and it should look like this!

Cool hey...did you say oh wow when you turned it over....i do every time!
Now i added Faux stitching using a pricking tool and the dots on the pattern as a guide, go here if you want to make your own pricking tool.....all this additional info on stitching is in the packs

Next use a fine marker to join the holes.

Connect up the stem and your finished. Go ahead now and decorate your card front
how you like, you can use mine for inspiration. I'd love to read your comments on
what you think of these and love you to go over to my pattern blog and take a peek. I hope you enjoy making them as much as i enjoyed creating them
until next post.....Valita

and a last thought

Gods says, "At just the right time, I heard you.
On the day of salvation i helped you."
Indeed God is ready to help you right now.
2 Corinthians 6:2

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Four from One

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Hi from our house to yours,.....the last two weeks has been a busy mix of exciting events. The long weekend for us was a hiking trip to the Gaibraltar Range National Parks near Grafton. and i'd love to show you some pics of our beautiful country Australia. Cards are comming ..LOL. Both Dave and I were leaders for the D group kids in our church which is the easiest hike and the ages ranged from 10 to 16 year olds, D did around 13km over the weekend. all our food clothes sleeping gear tents water etc was in or on our packs....mine weighed 13kilos and Dave was 19 ....he had both his and my food! but the good thing about D hike is a 4 wheel drive took our tents and bedding on to the next camp site each day. There was about 200 young people and leaders who did the different hikes over the 4 days.

This is saturday morning where we had sabbath worship all together before seperating into the different grades....this over looked a beautiful water fall.

This was our hardest part of the hike battling the scub to get in to our next camp site.

Helping the kids cross creeks.

This was one of our camp sites, on a semi dry swamp....we had to clear our own site each night, put up and down our tents and collect fire wood and water ...each of the kids had there own little camp stove and made there own meals.

We climbed this rocky out crop called a spur following pink markers so no one would get lost and each of us had to carry a rock up to the top to put on an altar ....some of the leaders talked to the groups about the faith of Noah. It started to rain and as they were telling the story, a sunny patch came out then a Rainbow right at that moment in the was so cool and had a great impact! God is so good!
Our D group.

And yes it did rain on us but looking back even though it was a bit of a pain it kept the cold weather at bay. We were wet, muddy, stank like smoke, had'nt had a shower all weekend, dug a hole to go to the loo but hey i guess these are the things that help build who we are! this is us heading back to base camp and them off home with a car load of kids....and to eat the goodies i stashed in the car LOL!!! i managed to avoid any leeches thanks goodness eew they are so gross!! That same week we had our schools music night which our son and daughter played in the band and our oldest daughter sang was here HSC peice and did a beauiful to bed at 12 midnight and up again at 3.30am to drive her and a friend 4 and a half hours to Avondale open day for Uni next year....oh for some sleep................was a great day though and shes really keen to do Primary teaching! woohoo......Oh and i better mention the cards for the week. This set i made for class from one peice of 12x12 scrapbook card. A shoe, Small purse, Nugget purse and a card....also had left over to punch the flowers to decorate the shoe. I cant share the shoe pattern i made but here is one i found on the net by Ellen. I didnt use the inner pattern. The other patterns are here below. adjust them to all fit on one 12x12. Enjoy and till next post...Luv Valita

and a last thought

O Lord, what a variety you have made!
and in wisdom you have made them all!
the earth is full of your riches.
Psalms 105:24

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

All dressed up double take

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Hello from our house, its cold and rainy out today and were suppose to be hiking for the long weekend..mmm not looking good so far forcast says it will be like this till after the weekend but things could change i must be positive! Well how proud of myself am i getting Mondays class to you all so early! LOL I made this Iris folded dress pattern way back in 2004 which seems like forever ago because so much has happened in our lives scince then. Im calling this post a double take because im showing you what you can do with those left over cutouts after you've completed the IF card. So after you've cut the dress out carefully with a shar craft knife . stamp the card front then go ahead and Iris fold following the numer pattern. I added some small stickers to the dress to add detail and kindy glitz glitter over some of the stamping. Now heres what you can make with the cutout!

Cool Hey! below you'll find both patterns for the Iris Folding and the mans suit. I cuttlebuged both these to add dimension and ran over the dress in a shimmery pearl Brilliance ink pad, and with a tiny flower and leaf punch gave them some pretty flowers. we also did these in blue shades and they looked beautiful. Heres a close up and the pattern.

I hope this has inspired you as it did others at my card making group.....Valita

and a last thought
I try to find common ground with everyone
so that i might bring them to Christ.
1 Corinthians 9:22