Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rolled scallop Rose / video

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Hi all, It seems like forever ago that i have posted here. So much has changed in our every day life with the passing of Granny and has taken time to let all this work its way through. As i sit at the computer here in its new room at the front our our house i can see out the window across the road and it all looks so lonely. 13yrs of checking to see if the door is open is a habit that you don't loose in a hurry. after weeks of cleaning out houses and moving 3 rooms in my own house i have slowly began to get back into what i like to do. I have a new craft space which is nice, neat and new but have found it hard to get inspired in it.....that will come!.... I had made this card a few months ago and its time to share again, something that has helped inspire me. So here we go with a new tutorial and fresh inspiration.

You'll need a round scallop punch or scallop nesties will work too
2 shades of coloured card
tweezers or a large quilling type tool

Now to create the rolled rose hold them together and cut a swirl leaving a small circle in the center...much like the cool swirly snakes you made in school that you hung up everywhere.

To roll the rose i used a large needle with the eye cut off the top and glued into a wooden dowel ( i use this for quilling). Or you could use long nosed tweezers. Place this over the end tip and start to roll around

Roll the whole length and take rose off the needle now let the rose spring open and glue the ends down when you're happy with the size and shape. You can also bend down some of the petals. When gluing to your card cover all the base with a strong glue and add your leaves, I also added some glitter to the petals. A very quick and simple way to do a rose.

Well i hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and i can see this being used in many different cards using different size scallop circles. here's a link to my video tutorial of this rose. We also have finished our back garden ....a labor of love this was's some pics...take care...... Valita

and a last thought

But someday we are going to
see Him in His completeness, face to face.
Now all that I know is hazy and blurred,
but then i will see everything clearly,
just as clearly as God sees into my heart right now.
1 Corinthians 13:12