Monday, August 27, 2012

A Lime Milkshake please

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Open in Mobile App Hi all, a little warmer out today, Ive been spring cleaning and getting lots of odd jobs done here and it feels good to clear away some dust and clutter.... Thank you for so many lovey emails and comments on my last post and video of me being myself I appreciate every lovey word spoken :)
Ive given our two doggies a spring shave because our pom is like a dandie lion in spring and sheds hair everywhere!!  Madaleine then made them some jumpers .... the nights are still cold... and she potted up some pretty pansies :)

This weekend is Fathers day in Australia and I was thinking of what to do for Dave.... He loves Lime/malt milkshakes and the kids and I are always making them for him..... I came across a card on the net with a little milkshake on the front not sure where now and thought that would look cool as a large shaped paper piecing type card so this is what i came up with....

scroll down watch the video and download the pattern ..... enjoy
 Blessings to you

 and a last thought
As the clay is in the potter's hand,
so you are in my hand.
Jeremiah 18:6

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some other things I enjoy :)

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Hi all, Apart from the kids being home..... this winter for me has been quiet, most of the work I get outside the home is in the warmer months. So I decided to teach myself to read crochet patterns and expand on my creative learning, I have always loved crocheting but was never taught how to read a pattern so a big shout out and thank you to all those who record learn to crochet tutorials on YouTube so people like me can learn visually! I have just finished this blankie which I'm putting away for my future grand-kids one day (I have two finished now)

So I was here in my craft room today and wanted to share with you some others hobbies I love. About 12 months ago I started to teach myself the Ukulele and I have a nice little collection of them now in all the sizes except a baritone.... I don't read music I write the letter of the chords above the words and play like that, which works for me :) sooooo I though it would be a bit of fun to show you what I have learnt so far... don't laugh.. well of course you can laugh!! Ive spent a lot of this winter in my PJs and I think its sent me a bit nutty! lol
I love this site for Uke stuff

One of my biggest all time loves is collection shells I have done this since i was a small kid. My mother would teach us how to spot the best shells as we walked along the beach and I have shown our kids how to do the same...and I thank her for that.... it has left me with a real appreciation for the things that God has created for us to enjoy. Oh and during this winter my Mother finally found out who her real Dad is!! she also has a brother and two sisters living in England that she didn't know about... I'm so happy for her!
Talking about shells.... last sabbath we were walking on Crescent head beach and came across the most amazing colorful star fish, there were so many of them are a few pics

Aren't they amazingly beautiful !!
Ok so here's what I recorded for you on my Uke below, its called "Beard Song" by Sophie Maleleine....Oh no!... be kind to me!
 Blessings to you

 and a last thought
I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 
Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. 
My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret,
 intricately woven in the depths of the earth. 
Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them,
 the days that were formed for me, 
when as yet there was none of them.
Psalm 139:14-16

Monday, August 13, 2012

Catch 22 Whale card

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 Hi all, I know its been a while since my last post and thank you to those who have emailed me in that time. We have had Beth home on her mid semester break from uni and have had a heap of fun cooking, crocheting and spending time together... We' went camping (that was cold!)  but fun. Madaleine got her P's drivers license. Ben got back from Nepal and spent last weekend with us before staring back at Uni. He had a great time, he made it to Mt Everest base camp on his birthday and every one signed a Nepalese flag for him, taught in different schools near kathmandu & pokhara Nepal, did some rice planting in the paddy fields on there service days and then on through thailand on there way home.... he bought us all Yak hair beanies and blankets, shawls, prayer flags etc..its all so exciting! Ben also got his black or full driver license and its been great being a part of all those mile stones. Beth is finishing her prac at Inverell as I type and we will take her and all her stuff down to settle her back into Uni, it will be good to be all together as a family for the weekend and enjoy some more of Ben's Nepal pics and stories together. So that's been my past couple of months in a nutshell.
You can find the links to these crochet patterns on my Pinterest board called crafts Ive made

  Beth has a birthday next Wednesday she says.... I'll be having a catch 22 birthday I'm 22 and I'm a catch ... i had to laugh :) mmm I thought i got out of all this birthday cake stuff when they turned 21.... so i get a text asking what will my cake be this year so some quick thinking and the good old internet and this is what we came up with... I found a pic of it on the net here
and made something similar. We are back from the weekend and got them all settled and gave Beth a fridge for her Uni room for her birthday and had a really fun weekend.

 As for the card I wanted it to match in with the cake so I made the whale..
You can buy my Whale card pattern here
Whale pattern $3.95
I also made a whale you could add to a card front using the paisley dies. I used the largest die for the body and the smallest die for his tail and fins. the water spout was a border punch I have and I cut a section from that... not real sure on the name of that punch.

for a different look whale try using some designer paper as above in my fist pic. Glue this to the main card before you cut out the pattern. I think these are really cute! now watch the video below :)
Here is an idea how to turn this into a baby card ( I needed one for Dave's niece) .... I added the small die cut whale inside one of the designer covered whales and wrote "Happy Pregnancy"!

 Blessings to you

and a last thought 
overwhelming victory is ours
through Jesus Christ who loved us 
enough to die for us
Romans 8:37