Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gold Class Movie Night

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Dave and I organized a Gold Class Movie night for the youth in our church last night and it was great. We are raising money for the bible society and will be doing a bike for bibles week of riding up to 500km next week and are so looking forward to it :)
There was a dress code of dress fancy with a Boa and a hat for the men....we had a chocolate fountain with lots of dipping things on tooth pis and was a real hit...i think eveyone went home with a drip of chocolate on there clothes....LOL, cupcakes, fancy fruit cocktails and auderves plus loads of other goodies....these young guys really got some fancy treatment!!!!! we took glamor shots of them which were so funny and they socialized while one of the mums played her flute and one of the dads sang with his guitar as there live entertainment...they watched a movie and we gave out some prizes....we had heaps of help in the kitchen whizzing up drinks and heating up savories etc and serving them on trays. A fantastic night and we so appreciated all the support and help by everyone. It was all good clean fun alcohol, G rated movie. God truly blesses. One of the prize winners recived this card with a $20 gift voucher and all my helpers recived the smaller thankyou cards.

Heres some more pics from the night......lots of pics were taken of others but you all understand why i dont put these the ones that havent got there faces blured are our family....don't you love our giant popcorn box!!

Our daughters...they loved dressing up in my mums old fur coats!

I have to thank our sone Ben ....he was a big help to me on the night and looked after the chocolate fountain..of corse!!!

And these are our Bike for Bibles riding shirts.
I hope youve enjoyed a peek into a great night and fun times to come....we have....until next post... Valita

and a last thought

Urge the young men to behave carefully,
taking life seriously. And here you yourself
must be an example to them of good
deeds of every kind.
Titus 2: 6,7

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lava lamp & Pattern

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Our daughter received a Lava lamp for her birthday and this was the inspiration for this next card. Her one is yellow with bright red wax and is pretty cool.....someone also requested this type of card some time ago so i hope you can find this card fun and useful....a great teen card!! we also made this cute froggie card with the Monday card ladies.....

I made the lilly pad with the large stampin up oval, the flower was a daisy punch folded in half off setting the petals, with a smaller green daisy at the base.....I embossed the veins on the lilly pad and edged it in black ink. to finished i dotted some dimensional magic for a water drop effect. heres a close up....

I hope youve found some more inspiration to keep crafting....until next post...Valita

and a last thought

Your words are a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path.
Psalms 119:105

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Postman Pat

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Hi all, we went to a good friends 40th Birthday on the weekend......and for years now he's been a i thought this card would be appropriate and fun at the same time....i didn't add royal mail to the van being in Australia....But i was really pleased how this turned out......Ive included the pattern if you'd like to try also. and some quick instructions on how i made his cute little cat.

I use the 1, 1/4" circle punch for the body. The spiral for his tail, Small heart for his mussel and ears, small flower for his feet, and one of these tiny hearts form the heart corner punch for his nose, and the small hole punch for his eyes.

Cute Hey!!!'s the van pattern

Enjoy ....were off now to our daughters year 12 music night...should me a good one, she will be singing 2 of her HSC pieces. and until next post...Valita

and a last thought

Do what is right; then if men speak against you,
calling you evil names, they will become
ashamed of themselves for falsely
accusing you when you have only done
what is good. Remember if God wants
you to suffer, it is better to suffer for doing
good than for doing wrong!
1 Peter 3:16,17

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Punched Oval Rose Bud Tutorial

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I love these oval punches from Stampin up they have so many uses. Heres a tutorial of a rose bud ive made from the small oval punch.I showed my Monday card ladies how to make this one..i hope you enjoy....Oh by the way while your here hop over and see my new recipe....Savory Seed Sprinkle.....mmmm they are very yummy.

These are the punches i used for this will need to punch:
3 small ovals
2 leaves
1 small daisy
1 mini spiral
and a strip for the stem.

Cut one of the ovals in half length ways. and cut the small daisy in half. Ink all the edges in black.

Using an embossing tool and pad draw a line down the center of the leaves and make a fold.
I also used deckle scissors to give that rough leaf edge. Use the larger embossing tool to shape one of the ovals working on the back.

Working on the front of the 2 half ovals give these some shape with the large emboss tool.
Attach some foam tape to the back of the shaped oval.

Stick this onto the second oval allowing the top of the base oval to peep over the top. Glue on the mini spiral using a toothpick and a very small amount of glue.

Keeping the straight edge of the half ovals facing outwards glue these onto the full oval.
Glue on the half daisy to the base of your flower.

Glue the leaves to the can see the wet glue here....remember to use a toothpick and very small amounts of glue to keep everything tidy. This is the finished rose bud ready to add to you cards. enjoy.....Valita

and a last thought

God has given each of you special abilities;
Be sure to use them to help each other,
Passing on to others God's many
kinds of blessings.
1Peter 4:10

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Using Plastic Stencils in the Cuttlebug

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Hi all, Ive been really enjoying experimenting with my cuttlebug and I'm so pleased i bought one. Ive been able to drag out supplies i haven't used in a long while and use them now in an even easier way than before. So drag out all your plastic stencils and today I'll show you what i taught to all my Monday card ladies....enjoy

Open up your cuttlebug and put in your A plate then B plate on top and then your plastic stencil.

Next lay your card over the top of your stencil.

Now lay your silicone baking mat over the top of your card.

As a shim i use 4 layers of you can see these are the backings off the emboss folders you get....this way you will all know exactly how thick it should be.

lastly lay your second B plate over the top to complete the sandwich and roll through. Remember to never force anything through your machine...if your silicone baking mat is thicker than mine just leave out one of the card shims....and the results.....

What i found most annoying was that hole they use to hang the stencils in the shop.....but I just cut around mine and colored it with's a close up

Turned out like a fancy Lilly pad for my cute little frog. Well i hope this has inspired you to use some of your old supplies....see we didn't waste money buying all those stencils !! :)...until next post ....Valita

and a last thought

If you are angry, don't sin by nursing
your grudge.Don,t let the sun go
down with you still angry-get over it quickly;
For when you are angry you give a mighty
foothold to the devil
Ephesians 4:26,27

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Daughters 18th Birthday card / pattern

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Our daughter turned 18 on Friday. She didn't have any exams that day so she did some study and watched the Olympics till everyone got home and then wanted to open her pressies altogether. our church youth group came over and sang the loudest happy birthday Ive ever heard to cool....our little house was so full you couldn't see the lounge room or kitchen floor. We enjoyed a party the next night with here friends at out local Chinese restaurant ...great times together!!.... I wondered for ages what type of card to make her and this is what i came up with. A 3 Tiered cake card. You could use this for lots of different occasions especially weddings....she loves orange so thats why i kept it simple colour wise . Very simple to do so lets get started and I'll show you how. Using the pattern below cut out your pieces

I cuttlebug embossed all the layers and inked them. Now lay foam tape along the top of the main card which is the base cake....and the back of the small top layer.

Stick down the small top layer to the middle section.

Now on the back side attach foam tape to the bottom middle layer and stick this a back view

these are some cute dimond star stickers i found.....

and of couse a pic of the Birthday girl....and the cake....the stars were lookin a bit sad by the time we got it down to the restraunt but it was yummy and Beth loved cutting through the whole 3 layers.....

Oh i almost forgot the pattern......

and my thought for the day is a text that Beth's been reading each day as she dose here study and exams ....this hangs on the food cupboard where she often see's it while heading for a quick snack ;)....We love you Beth and know the Lord has some mighty plans for your you heaps

PS I received this beautiful pic of this card made by Barb i know your cake making teacher will love it and all the best for you lessons....Luv Valita

and a last thought

Take delight in the Lord and He will give you your
heart's desires. Commit everthing you do to the Lord.
Trust Him, and He will help you.
Psalm 37:4-5

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I love your Blog award

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Hi all, i was awarded this "I love your Blog award" by to lovely bloggers Julie and Gina.
thankyou so much that you love my blog to pass this on to me....i would also in turn like to pass this on to:

Vivian of Florida stampin with Vivian
Jeanne of Inky Paws
Sonja of Sonja's scene
Linda of Linda's works of heart
Pat of The technique trail

all are great inspiration to me and many other bloggers.....Valita

Friday, August 15, 2008

Gutter Guard Mesh embossed Baby Card

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Hi All, Ive been playing around with my cuttlebug the last few days and and decided to run some Gutter guard mesh through to see what it would do. It was very cheap so I got a whole roll of the stuff some time ago to use on another project coming up. Its a flexible plastic mesh used here to keep the leaves out of your roof gutters. Anywhoooo :) i ran this through the cuttlebug and loved the results so much i needed to share the results with you all. This card is off to my twin sister who recently had a baby girl....and i love the spellbinder flower sets i won from Bizzy Becs site. So here's how i made the embossed background.
Open up your cuttlebug and put your A plate then B plate and the gutter mesh on top.
Next lay your card over the top.

Now use using a square of silicone baking sheet lay this over the top.

You will need a shim....i used 2 card backing off the emboss folder packages..for some strange reason i kept them all and they are the perfect shims for these projects. Go's to show you should'nt throw everything out!!

Lastly place on top your other B plate and roll them all through.

Here's the results, the one on the left was done with the silicone sheet and is the one I like best... love the puffy effect. And the right one was done without the silicone sheet using more shim layers still great.

So i hope you've found my little adventure helpful. Click here to see how to use Fiskars emboss plates in the cuttlebug also. Until next post ...have a happy sabbath....Valita
and a last thought

These words are trustworthy and true;
I am comming soon! God who tells His prophets
what the future holds, has sent His angel to tell you this
will happen soon. Blessed are those who believe it
and all else written in the book.
Revelation 22:7