Monday, May 13, 2013

Doodle punch art Birthday and a Happy Mothers day

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Open in Mobile App Hi all, Ive been having some fun with what I'm calling Doodle punch art.... a combination of flat punch art using designer papers and free hand doodle drawing. I usually have everyone freaking out wondering how to post my huge 3 dimensional cards that stick out to billio but this one is totally flat ... LOL. I made this card for our youngest daughters 18th Birthday..... I know it looks like a boys card but who cares that's what she wanted ;)
  For these doodle cards I love to use a natural coloured background. For the punched pieces I chose scraps of designer papers in the colours I needed. Punches/dies used were a 3 and 1/2" circle from one of my nestebility dies for the large moon, two different size star punches, the small tag punch with a little trimming for the rocket body, 3 large hearts from the heart to heart punch for the rocket fins (two cut in half), a 1/2" circle for the port hole and the second largest petal from the blossom petals punch for the rocket flames (trimmed). Punches used were mostly from stampin up.Then I use a fine tip sharpie marker and go to town with your own doodling..... basically edging your punched pieces and then adding in a few little hand doodled stars, dots, moon craters and a little message. This is what will personalize your card. I also did some bunting doodling on the inside to tie it all in using the points of a star punch as the flags.

 I found for me this was really fun to do. We also had fun making some buntings and other decorations for her star grazing party. It rained all that morning but praise God the heavens opened up the stars came out just in time to put up the decorations and get the party started! We were overwhelmed at the love and care of Madaleine's friends especially her new friends from our new church, such a breath of fresh air to be around loving caring and encouraging people, just what we need ! It was a great night and weekend together enjoying Mothers day at the same time!

  I hope you enjoy this technique and give it a go!
Blessings to you

and a last thought
 You are my lamp, O LORD; 
the LORD turns my darkness into light.
 2 Samuel 22:29

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chloe Stem punch art

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Hi all, I have loved the look of the Chloe stem die from memory box but at the same time I knew this would be so easy to make with my punches. So today lets give this a go!
For the Chloe stem in the video tutorial I used a 2 and 1/2" circle punch and two different size hole punches. The smaller flower head was made using a 1 and 3/4" circle punch. Some glue and glitter to match you card stock colour. Here's a close up....

For my card I sponged a cloud background, mounted the two flowers onto the same size circles I used to make them and had a bit of fun with some doodle drawing with a fine marker. I made a chevron stencil using my square punch and sponged some colours using the stencil. Stamped my saying and added a strip of ric rac trim. So sit back and enjoy the video :)
Blessings to you

and a last thought
 A man who is kind benefits himself,
 but a cruel man hurts himself. 
Proverbs 11:17

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A star grazing party

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Hi all, the youngest of our children ( Madaleine) is turning 18  in a couple of weeks ! ...... where dose time go. Raising our children has been a great journey for us and we couldn't be more prouder parents!
we wanted to do some quick simple invites to her star grazing party.... it had to have stars glitter and a bit of fun..... I thinks we covered all three requirements ;)
I used A4 sheets of card stock and cut them into 4 to make small size cards. rolled a star background, punched a heap of label punch outs inked the edges and stamped my message. More punch outs with stars attached to the label with a foam dot and lots of glitter, To make this an efficient proses when doing anything in bulk do each step on everything then move to the next step, believe me it is quicker! so Ive covered the stars, glitter and now for the fun bit. Each star label is on a home made action wobble....

I used some wire form the cheap shops, not sure what the gauge is and two 3/4" circle punch outs. Wrap a length of wire around a pencil giving yourself at least 3-4 full turns to create a spring. Hot glue each end to two circle punch outs and that's all there is to it.... I then added it to the back of each of the labels then onto the card front. Keep in mind the thinner the gauge wire the more it will wobble.... mine was a little stiff. While you've got all the gear out make a heap and stash then away for quick creating on the next project.

Our cheeky young lady! LOL ..... I hope you have enjoyed this, sit back and watch the video.
Blessings to you

and a last thought

And those who are wise -the people of God-shall 
shine as brightly as the suns brilliance, 
and those who turn many to 
right doing will glitter like stars forever. 
Daniel 12:3