Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Leaf shaped cards

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 Hi all, I have finally finished decorating my leaf shaped cards. This is a set of 4 different leaf shaped card templates only. You may choose to decorate them however you like.... so in the pack you get 4 different templates to print out and I explain how to put the basic card together.
4 Leaf shaped card templates  $5.95

 Blessings to you

and a last thought
The tree of life.......
                           and the leaves were 
                             for the healing of the nations
                        Revelation 22:1

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Giant flowers and leaf to match

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Open in Mobile App Hi all, Wow spring cleaning around here has hit an unheard of level! Ive repainted all the skirting boards, door and window frames and doors in the house. The back verandah has been finished at last with the railing going on and a lick of new paint there too! Front walk in and front door are all painted! The inside walls are all cleaned down and we are now gutting out the front garden to make it look more modern. these are our plans for that.... Lots of different gravels and sun loving plants amongst it... cant wait till its all done!

Madaleine finishes year 11 in two days and is sitting her end of year exams, and  Beth and Ben have a couple of weeks break very soon :) all smiles here! Ive started another crochet blankie its a simple block pattern but I'm loving how its turning out! here is where i found the pattern

 So to the paper crafting.... Ive made this giant flower with the Nesting blossom set from lifestyle crafts and placed small sections of the antique doily die into the petals for a different look (also from lifestyle crafts) Ive shaped each of the petals in a similar way to the Peony that I made some time back. Use all the layers and as many as you like to give it a nice full look.

My base card in a leaf pattern this one is free but i have four other patterns which I'll post up soon.

 Leaf Card Pattern 1


Blessings to you

 and a last thought
You have been given freedom; not freedom to do wrong
but freedom to love and serve each other
         Galations 5:13