Monday, December 17, 2012

Recycling your old christmas cards with ornament dies

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wow its so hot here today...... just got back from the beach and the water was glorious! so this house is crazy busy with everyone home. We enjoyed our local carols by candle light last night with our extended family which is always fun :)
A last minuet Christmas card idea!! I'm probably not the first to do this but hey lets give it a go! Do some card recycling from Christmas's past using your ornament dies. Cut off the front flap of your old card and position the ornament die of your choice over the pattern, run through your machine. Make a new card similar in size from contrasting card stock and glue the old card front onto the new one. Punch a hole at the top of you ornament cutout and thread in a ribbon hanger. Write on the back of your ornament so it can he hung on the Christmas tree. Use a tiny piece of a glue dot to re-stick this back onto your card front. Decorate the pattern using glitter, jewels, holly leaves or whatever would suit your card and then send in on as a new card :)
Hope you can get some use from this idea .... enjoy!
 Blessings to you

and a last thought
For you, the righteous God,
looks deep within the hearts of men 
and examines all their motives and their thoughts
Psalms 7:9


TLady said...

SUPER IDEA Valita!!!!!!!!!!! :) It's SO HARD to think of other countries & their Christmas' being "HOT!" :) BUT, you're PROOF, it happens!!!!!! LOL :)STAY COOL!!!!!!!!! :)(We'll try to stay WARM!) :)

Carol Carriveau said...

What a lovely idea..thank you!

Crazydi said...

You're brilliant Valita - such a simple yet lovely idea! I'll be using my Christmas cards this way for next year .... thank you!!!!

Crazydi said...

What a great idea Valita - so simple yet so effective! I'll be using this idea to top up my card stash ... thank you!!!
PS. Could you send some of that sunshine over to the wet and soggy UK?

Ms said...

such a clever idea Valita... I've been saving mine, knowing tht some day I'd use

And please enjoy your heat. There is snow mixed in the rain

Whimcees said...


It is so funny to read about the beach and the hot weather when we are awaiting a blizzard here in this part of WI. A winter storm warning is in effect and we are to really be hit tomorrow. I love the recycling cards - we did this as kids growing up and it was so much fun! Wishing you a great weekend!


Barbara Diane