Friday, October 26, 2012

simple flower pot die cards

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Open in Mobile App Hi all, we have been flat out working to get our front garden finished and its finally there !
 we did it all ourselves to keeps costs down and are pretty happy how its come up.... here's a before and after pic :) we also got heaps of gardening done in the back yard so its all looking great now for summer. I love working on projects like this with Dave, we make a good team.

Anyway in between I've been working on some cards using the flower pots die set from spellbinders

I've made one into a pocket card and the other I've tipped the pot upside down and turned it into a bell. For both cards I used the largest pot die and placed the die just over the fold of the card so it wont cut. Two circles for the ringer and Martha Stuart punches to decorate. Quick easy gift cards! The poinsettia card was made a little different, I glued the edges closed to create the pocket, cut the next size die down for an insert and glued my flower to the top of it. The poinsettia flower was made the same way as the giant one in my last post just using smaller petals.
If you can't afford to buy the dies there are lots of template on the net for pot shaped cards

So sit back and enjoy my video tutorials.
Blessings to you

and a last thought
For every child of God can obey Him,
defeating sin and evil pleasure by trusting
Christ to help him. 1 John 5:4


TLady said...

SUPER JOB Valita!!!!!!!!!! It's ALWAYS GREAT to streeeetch your crafting supplies!!!!!!!! :) BEAUTIFUL WORK!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Mary Ann said...

This set of cards is adorable. Going to have to get the die! love the garden walkway. very peaceful.

Holly M said...

Love these cards!I just bought this die set, so I'm glad to have some ideas for using it. Thanks so much! Holy M.

cardchick's world said...

your garden looks gorgeous!..luv the bell... made the flower pot

Marie Bingaman said...

Awesome Valita! Leave it to you to see what else can be made from a simple flower pot! I love your bell! :)

HappyCrafter said...

These are gorgeous! Great ways to use those dies, and thanks for showing pics of the dies and stuff you were using, too.

terrie said...

Your garden in front of your home looks really nice...nice job on it.

Both of your pot cards turned out so nice...I like the idea.

Thank-you so much for sharing your ideas with all of us...

Your very good at what you do!

Cheri said...

Love the bell with the flower pot. Love your creative ideas.

Love this Die. I can see a to-go-coffee cup (Star Bucks) in this die. I have other ideas for the this die too. So glad I bought it.