Monday, November 15, 2010

Elf shoe box

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Hi all, here is the video instructions for the elf shoe box ( sorry the resolution is not as good as other videos my son and I have been fiddling with all that ), here is the original post back in 2007...and you can get the pattern here....gotta fly been busy getting things ready for our son's year 12 formal tomorrow night, will post some pics later. enjoy! :)
Blessings to you

and a last thought

Give a warn welcome to any brother who
wants to join you, even though his faith is weak.
Don't criticize him for having different ideas
from yours about what is right and wrong.
Romans 14:1

Elf Shoe Box


Lorie a.k.a.The Peddler said...

Valita: This is too cute. I'll have to try this. Thanks!!!

Patti said...

Always loved this shoe so am sooo glad to see a video on this. Thank you for posting it - I know it is a bit of work. I love hearing your tutorials. Thank you so much.

my best,

Dalis (stampergirl) said...

omg love it!!!! thanks!

-- dalis

Linda said...

Your Elf Shoe is adorable.
You make it all look so easy but I really want to make one of these.
Thank you so much for all your inspiration & the great videos.
God Bless

AndreaA said...

Valita, Thank you for the pattern for the elf shoe.
I think my Grandbabies will enjoy getting goodies in Christmas.
I always watch all your video's even when it is something I don't think I will use.
Thanks again

MariLynn said...

I loved this shoe the first time you showed us it. It still makes me smile to see it! I made one and gave it to my sister. She comments about it all the time.

Monica-FC said...

that is to cute and I will have to try this out. it could be something I could while at moms for 2 weeks. thank you.

ktstamps said...

VALITA...this shoe is sooo cute...I love to download it but I don't want to pay 9.95 US$ for it...can you send me an link to download this??? Please.
TIA! said...

Thank you very much for this Tutorial! Now I can make one for my daughter.
Regards from Switzerland
Ellen said...

Many thanks for this tutorial. I will make one for my daughter and the 2 grandsons.
regards from Swizterland