Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lattice Christmas card front and many thanks

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Hi all, Thank you all for your encouraging emails, Ive read each one to my husband so he knows that people all over the world care too and are praying for him to find work. Things have pretty much been all over the place here though, there's no routine to the day and that in its self has left me battling with panic attacks as i don't cope with change that good. We've had some crazy days where plans to line up appointments and courses got all screwed around at no fault of our own leaving us annoyed and confused and have had to stop ourselves and remember God has had a plan since the beginning of time and just keep moving in that direction. In Gods eyes our future is looking extremely good. We've been reading a book called "Its your time" by Joel Osteen full of positive thoughts and attitudes toward changes in life. So we will take each day as it comes, God only gives us enough energy to get through today so I thank you all again for your love concern and prayers :) ....Gail just left me a message and said I hope you are enjoying your husband and not stressing too much.... that really hit me.... I love having him around....thank you Gail for writing this i needed to hear it and take the time to enjoy him :) thanks.
We've loved watching these puppies grow, they have had many cuddles.... almost 3 weeks now and are just opening their eyes.

How cute are they :) they remind us each day how good God is! We have also had our daughter home form Uni for a week break which is always great! she is doing really well.

Ok so back to the paper crafting.... Ive been playing with an idea i seen on utube making lattice effect card fronts. This one is a non traditional looking lattice

I used the label eight nestabilities dies from spellbinders to create the opening on the card front and then latticed it in with the 5 petal punch, Boho blossoms , branch and butterfly die from stampin up. I wasn't totally happy with the end result but I think Ill keep playing with the abstract idea. So I then went on to make the more traditional lattice front (card above) and I really liked how it turned out and decided to make them into Christmas cards. I used the second largest die from the labels five set nestabilities and each of the lattice strips of card are approx 1/8" wide.

This one I rolled a so swirly background and added just the one full flower. Below is a close up of the flowers done the same way as my hydrangeas found here. The only difference is that the largest flower has a double bottom layer and each of the flowers has a small flower from the Boho blossoms punch added to the center. The ink colours I used were so saffron, real red and rich razzleberry on the tips. The holly leaves are a Martha Stewart punch sponged with old olive ink.

It felt really good to get back into some paper craft creations and I hope you too enjoy this idea to try..... sit back and enjoy the video :) thanks heaps everyone ...Valita

and a last thought

No mere man has ever seen heard
or even imagined what wonderful
things God has ready for those
who love the Lord.
1 Corinthians 2:9

Blessings to you


Gail said...

Your ideas are fab as always, I will have a try at making this card.

I hope you are enjoying the time with your husband and not stressing out too much.


Anonymous said...

Valita, I love this idea! What a pretty card for someone special! Thank you so much for sharing.
I have to try to make one of these(or more).
Patricia Gessner

God bless.....

Linda said...

Valita, This card is beaufiful & such a wonderful idea. I never would have thought to do this technique. I am certainly going to make some tho.
So sorry to hear about your troubling times. My thoughts & prayers are with your family. Things will be OK and start looking up for your husband. Your right God does have a plan for all of us.
God Bless

Andrea said...

What a great card. I went to a Leone Em workshop yesterday and am all fired up to make some flowers and even bought a piece of lattice paper for inspiration and here you have given me heaps of inspiration.
Hopefully your Hubby will get a job offer soon and things will get back to some normality again for you.
take care and God Bless

Whimcees said...

Hello Valita!

I am so happy to see you back posting! I have been keeping you and your family in my prayers and I am so relieved to hear that you are all persevering and well!

Please do take care of yourself and try to take each day one at a time in whatever increment that you can handle. I am very familiar with panic attacks and at times in my life, 5 minutes at a time was all I could deal with. Get through one section of time and on to the next. Breaking it down can help. It can.

Know that you are loved by so many and the good thoughts are coming your way from all directions! :<)

Wishing you and your husband all good things! Nothing stays the same - a job will appear soon! You have a strong faith - it will get you through this difficult time!


Barbara Diane

Linda w said...

What a gorgeous card. Thank you so much for doing this video and showing how to make this beautiful project.

My husband has been laid off more than he has worked this year so I sort of know what you are going through. You just take one day at a time and somehow things will work out with some added help from the man upstairs.

stamp on...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card! How creative you are! I am going to "borrow" this idea for sure. Maybe for my Christmas cards this year.

Thanks for sharing.


Monique said...

I am envious of your level of patience Valita! I love these lattis cards they look great.

Lydia said...

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gypsyrose said...

these trellis cards are really beautiful, going to give them a try
Thank you for another great idea