Monday, July 19, 2010

Doctor Who fans!!! Making a Dalek card....

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Hi all, where dose time go? our son just turned 18 on the weekend and we are so proud of how he is maturing into a beautiful young man! It was so hard though to find a present for him as he's had a job now for some time so he has all the latest technical toys but hes always wanted a deep fryer as i normally don't cook like this so that's one of the things we got for him and he loved it! you can guess what we had for tea last night..... wedges chicko rolls and deep fried mars bars! oh dear... looks like a long ride on the bike for me today! He had a great day we went out for Chinese with all his friends. Ben is a big Doctor Who fan and you may remember the Tardis card i made for him on his 16th birthday. This time i made him a Dalek cake and card.
You will love this Dalek card pattern, it will be for sale here and i can guarantee it will be a big hit for all those special people in your lives! plus you can view the step by step video below and see how to put this together!
These instructions are in pdf format that are delivered via download. After completing payment, you will receive an email from Fast Wagon with a link to download your purchase. If you don't receive the email, check your spam box. Contact me with any questions or issues Non Australian buyers Please Pay Pal ONLY. If you are within Australia and don't have pay pal please email or phone me for bank details.If you are interested in these for workshops purposes please contact me for group rates! I know you will enjoy making these.
Thank you for your purchase.

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I love 1 Corinthians 13 and for the next few posts ill be putting thoughts from this chapter up as my last thoughts enjoy!
Blessings to you

and a last thought


Genuine love recognizes that all human beings are fallible;
it is long suffering; patient with the faults of others,
their failings and weaknesses; and enables
us to be calm when faced with trials.
(taken from 1 Corinthians 13)


Merry said...

Happy Birthday to your son....and how clever are you. A Dalek card and cake......both are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! I might try making one for my husband for his birthday :)

Essi said...

This is an awesome card, and I am very impressed with your design and dedication to sticking on all the little blue dots. :-)

Unknown said...

wow wow wow i love this!

teresascreativecards said...

This card is fantastic. It's so awesome. Will definitely have to have a go of this card.

Smilie girl said...

Great job! I love the Dalek exterminating your son's messy room at the end. I hope he had a great birthday and enjoyed his special card and cake.

Whimcees said...


You, Valita, are a master! :<)

I love your blog and your creations! What a wonderful card for your son - and the cake looks great!

Wishing you a happy day! You make it happy for so many of us!

Barbara Diane

Monica-FC said...

ok I watched this and what is a dalek?? I never heard of it. I love your blog and all the videos and such. thanks for sharing it all.

valita said...

its a robot off the Doctor who TV shows.... based in the UK :)

Bev said...

madly hoping I can find a DR Who fan so I can make have been blessed with a real talent Valita

Sherri said...

My sons are huge fans of the Doctor! Your work is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that I am going to put a link to your page on our Torchwood Australia website.

I'm sure many of our Who fans will love to see what you've created here.

Fab job - well done!

All the best,

Monica-FC said...

thank you for patterns you put here also. i printed off the strawberry and the cupcake pattern and made both of them. thanks again. they are up on my blog with your blog on there as to get these.

Created By You said...

Fabulous card! Love how you've used all the punches! The details are wonderful!

Kim(Kimmie to a select few) said...

Hi! I just ordered your Dalek pattern card, I previously made the Tardis card and my son lurved it!
I thought I couldn't believe my eyes when lo and behold, the Dalek card too, I can't wait to surprise him this year with the Dalek!!! Thank you for bringing a smile to our hearts and faces!
I posted pics of my attempt on the Tardis card, here is a link to my blog, with full and complete credit to you of course! :)
Thank you again!!

valerie aka scottydog said...

just found your card and cake!!! FABULOUS!!!!! we have been watching a dr who marathon these last 2 days! i remember it from WAY back when!!!
thanx so much, i shall be purchasing this one! :O)