Friday, October 3, 2008

up in the clouds, stencling Tutorial and fold pattern

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Hi all, wow a week has almost gone by of the kids school holidays....its been great to see them during the day and just relax together especially having Dave home on some holidays as well....a huge blessing to us all. Ive enjoyed having a play around with this cloud stencil not a new technique but a pleasing one....but be warned you will have very inky fingers and want to stencil clouds on everything LOL :)
This first card is a corner fold Japanese crane card a very quick card to make up and to make it that bit more special i stenciled the cloud background ...all patterns will be below.Note that Ive drawn 4 different cloud shapes on the one pattern for you to utilize ... so here's how i created the background.

you'll need:
a stencil...see below
a sponge
and card stock

First cut out your cloud on card which can be used for other projects. Now starting at the bottom of your card front lay the cloud in a random fashion holding firmly in place with one hand. Ink up the sponge and and sponging off in the direction shown here away from the cloud.

don't get fussy with buying expensive sponges i just use off cuts from my puppet making and they work fine. Once you have the colour depth you want move the cloud to another different random angle and sponge again.

take advantage of the 4 different cloud shapes as you go moving the stencil each time to a different shape and that will help get that natural random cloud formations.

here's the finished background....

It can take practice but you will be pleased with the results. This second card was done the same way but embossing the swirl cuttlebug folder over the finished background to give the appearance of a windy day. The kits was just folded down the middle and inked to get that black line.

and the patterns.........

I hope you have a go at these i found the stenciling a very rewarding technique and the ink dose eventually come off LOL.... until next post...Valita

and a last thought

"In Him we live and move
and have our being."
Acts 17:28


mitch1066 said...

ooh i like the kite idea and i don't have the a2 embossing folders so someone sent me some plain white embossed card stock.Now know what to do !
thanks so much for sharing your creative energy:)

Heather "Hev" said...

Gorgeous work as always Valita :)

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Stunningly beautiful & SO brilliant. :O)

ChrissyM said...

Stunning cards!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful as always enjoy the hols, with a HSC student it is always interesting

Jennifer said...

those turned out so awesome Valita! Great technnique on the clouds! Wow! Love the IF crane and the kite too. thanks so much for sharing your talents!

Jennifer L.

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Amazing! These just take my breath away. I'll have to try the clouds. Your stencil is perfection and that kite & bird! It doesn't get any cuter than this. :O)

Lynne in NI said...

Wow - fabulous cards. And thanks for sharing the templates - I've been wondering for ages how some card makers achieve such wonderful skies.... now I've no excuse!!!!

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StampingBetty said...

love those ideas! nice work!

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