Monday, July 7, 2008

Bee's on a pop up card

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Hi all, boy monday's come around fast!!! in todays card lesson we made a slider card and a quick stamping im going to give you a quick tutorial on how i made my little bee to decorate the card. Some things you will need are your punches glues and deckle scissors and you know you cant stop at one once you start...LOL
We have our son off to a teen leadership camp this week so my mind and prayers are in two places at the moment. anyway enjoy:)

So you will need to punched 2 hearts in parchment paper, 2 eggs 1 orange 1 black. 1 small circle(7mm) and for the antani i used a snoflake swirl punch just punched its last:(

Using the deckle scissors cut the black egg into six.

Using 3, glue these onto the orange egg.

Glue on the head.

Using the snowflake punch make cuts where ive marked and attach under the head.

To make the wings first fold in half.

Then fold one side back down following the middle fold line.

Flip over the heart and fold down the other side...kinda like making a paper air plane.
Open the folds and it should look like this. a nice M shape.

Now use a good quick drying glue to attach the wings and finish by marking with a white gel pen and a little glitter.I think hes's cute and he can be a great addition to any type of card.

and finally a quick peek at the second card.....until next post...Valita

and a last thought

Gentle words cause life and health;
griping brings discouragement.
Proverbs 15:4


Theresa Momber said...

Love this idea. Great tutorial.

Margy said...

What a great card, and what a great tutorial you put together! Thanks for all of your hard work!

nancy said...

Simply Brilliant : ) !!! Wow, thanks for sharing all the details for your beautifully desinged card! I love slider cards, but the way you did the bee just makes it extra special!!

Anne Marie Peterson said...

Hi Valita! I am so happy you posted on my blog so I could find this fabulous website! Your bee card is absolutely divine. I collect anything and everything with bees on name it, I probably have it. I'm going to try your tutorial for the bee card. Hugs! Anne Marie

Carol P said...

Cute and clever! (I'm linking to this project from my tutorial on pop up cards that use a simple box mechanism.)


Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

Anonymous said...

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Dr Sonia S V said...

So cute . Thank you for the tutorial
Dr Sonia S V