Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fiskars Emboss plate and your Cuttlebug

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I recently came across a blog showing how to use Fiskars emboss plates in the cuttlebug machine . most of us have some of these plates poked away which looked like a great thing at the time but we didnt use them to their full, Classic case for me. Scince then the cuttlebug has made embossing so easy. So when i found this idea i thought great! i'll drag out those old Fiskars plates i have and see if this really dose work. I was so pleased with my results that i want to share with you what i found works really well. I hunted around the cheap shops for some silicone baking products that had a flat bottom and eventually found this baking sheet for $5 ...bargin because i have a heap left over after I've cut it to the size of the spacer plates .

So here's what i did. Make sure the silicone product you choose is flat. This baking sheet is flat on one side and the other has a slightly rough texture. Cut the siliconre to the size of the cuttlebug spacer plate. heres a close up of the thickness of the silicone done on a ruler with inches.

So once you have the silicone cut to size the sandwich gose like this. Place your A spacer in the cuttlebug machine
Then your Fiskars texture plate with the side you want to emboss facing up.

then you card
Then the silicone sheet...smooth side can see here in this pic the texture of the rough side
lastly lay your C spacer on top

This completes your sandwich. Now run it through the cuttlebug. I didn't even have to use a piece of card as a shim. The silicone was the perfect width and it worked so well. heres a pic of the finished embossing. Remembering that the Fiskars plates are not etched as deep as the cuttlebug emboss folders so the embossing comes out a little less prominent but done perfectly.

Please remember whatever you run through your cuttlebug that is not designed for that machine is done at you own risk so take it easy the first time you run it through as the silicone you choose may be a different thickness as was Tamara's found here. well i hope i have helped inpsire you to use some of those prducts to there max as i im off to see what other Fiskars plates there are that i dont have yet!......Valita

and a last thought

He has removed our sins as far away
from us as the east is from the west
Psalms 103:12


Peggy Maier said...

Hi - I just got back from Church, saw the title of your post & just had to find out what you had to say. I'm so glad you discovered this creative idea with the silicone sheet - I'd never have thought of that! Thanks! I'll be looking for one in stores tomorrow. (Oh dear, then I'll have to check out the Fiskars plates!!!)

sandyh50 said...

thanks for your tutorial, I have 12 fiskar plates and I have been trying to get them to work. I will be on the lookout for the silicone baking sheets.


Anonymous said...

Valita, thank you ever so much for that tutorial on how to use the fiskar embossing plates, I have them and they are still in the package because they didn't work well, I thought money wasted. I will certainly try your method., now off to the store to buy a silicone sheet. thanks


Deborah March said...

GREAT tutorial Valita. Wouldn't you KNOW...I gave away all 24 of my Fiskars texture plates a few weeks ago. Sigh. There's a REASON I'm a pack-rat! (lol)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for visiting and linking my blog :) I'm glad the technique helped you!

I tried mine with a silicone sheet, but it was too thin, but that varies with brands I think!

:) Happy Crafting!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you!I was inspired by this amazing tip & managed to buy a silicone baking sheet from Kmart. I cut the sheet & used as you suggested to amazing results! I just cannot thank you enough, AMAZING!
I have even had a go at embossing with fine wire mesh & chipboard alpha letters, now the skys the limit & no damage to my machine!
Can't wait for the next idea.

Sudie said...

What a fabulous tutorial! Thanks so much! I love my Fiskars texture plates and just bought the cuttlebug after much peer pressure. LOL Nazzy was kind enough to point your blog out. It is amazing.
Thanks again.

Blessings, Sudie

Turtlelady~Sandy said...

I have never seen a silicone sheet to even try this. Can't wait to find one somewhere!!!
Tkx so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Thanks. Please, can you tell me something more about the thickness of the silicone becouse picture isn´t clear - how much is it: 1/16 inchs?
Blessings from Croatia, Milena

Sylvia Anderson said...

Brilliant x