Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Out of this world

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Hi all, today's card and pattern was inspired by a pic of a rocket ship i seen not long back so i made it into a corner fold pattern. Very easy to do as the ladies in my Monday class found out. Cut the outside of the pattern out first with a craft knife then run it through the cuttlebug and emboss the background. I rubbed a sparkly gold ink pad over mine just to make the sky twinkle. lay it over your pattern and follow the fold numbers....remember its like Iris folding...and if you need a quick freshen up go here to see some steps. add some circles for the port holes and the planet was made by double punching first the small oval and then off setting the large oval over the top and punching again and adding a 1,1/4" circle punch inside.I thought it came up quite cute....heres the pattern...

This could be a kids card or a fun adults card.....i hope you can enjoy it....must go I have alot to do....until next post...Valita
and a last thought
To learn, you must want to be taught.
To refuse refroof is stupid.
Proverbs 12:1


Cazz said...
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Cazz said...

I'll try again LOL. This is a really lovely design for all budding astronaughts xxx Thank you for sharing it with us all xxx