Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oil Pastels on embossing

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Hi all, I wanted to show you how oil pastels go on the embossed card. I did this with the ladies in my Monday classes and it's just another way to colour and use different mediums of art and that great cuttlebug!!!!!

My oil pastels are just cheap ones and they work just as well. Colour over the embossed don't have to cover it completely. Next use your finger and a little firm pressure in circular motions to spread the colour out and over the embossed area.

Notice that what you missed when you first applied the colour is now covered.
The heat and natural oils from your finger help to blend the pastels out.Here's a close up pic of it finished.

I love the vibrant colours.....a similar effect to chalks but they can be alot more subtle. Any how have a go it was fun just playing around with'll end up with every finger a different colour :) LOL.....and i had to show you you know the seasons have just changed, for us its now spring YAAAAA! so for all you over seas readers this has bought out the Blue tounges in our back yard from their hibernation. and our dogs let us know about it. Don't worry they don't harm them their too chicken !! the dogs just do alot of barking and the poor bluey's do a whole lot of hissing!

This one was a big fella, he looked really shinny, clean and beautiful markings. As the summer goes on they get ticks around their ears and my son catches them to get the ticks out as this can really slow them down. They eat slugs, snails etc so they are really good to have in your garden. But they will bite. when our dog Pepsie seen this one it was making its self flat to look bigger and hissing and snapping. heres a close up of it's face and you'll see why they are called blue tounges.

He was hissing and snapping at me in this shot.....and he was pretty warmed up by the sun so he was moving fast. Isnt he beautiful! how could their not be a creator God!....and another thing, pop over and see my 2 new posts in Valita's Kitchen they are 2 yummy Dairy free recepies.....enjoy and until next post....Valita

and a last thought

O Lord what a variety you have made!
and in wisdom you have made them all!
The earth is full of your riches.
Psalms 104:24


Cazz said...

what a great technique Valita xxx I shall have to think about getting some of these oil pastels and trying it out xx

Donna said...

this is cool! that creature is freaky-looking!

fabienne said...

Thank you for this technique.

I love this little creature you've made me discover. I wish I had one in my garden, as snails have eaten up all my baby lettuces in one night.

Anonymous said...

Another great card and technique Valita! Thank you for showing us this fun idea. The scaley visitor you had is indeed beautiful. God is good, isn't He?
Jen (vistagirl)

christina d said...

I love your idea for oil pastels on the embossing. I can't wait to try it. The blue tongues are neat! Pepsi is cute!

Regina said...

thank you for the great idea!

Charith said...

Thanks for sharing this fantastic technique! What a wonderful card!
Love it!!
Thanks again!

wendyp said...

This is fantastic! I think I still have some oil pastels in my stash. I'm going to have to give this a try!

Beth said...

I enjoy seeing your creations, its been a little over a week since you last posted, hope things are going well, looking forward to your next post!

Gail said...

Hi Valita, I've just found your blog and I was looking at this page about oil pastels. They are very smudgy - how do you stop them rubbing off onto everything they touch?