Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An exciting week away with Bike for Bibles

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Wow what a great time Dave and I have had this past week. We've been in Dubbo doing the Bike for Bibles ride that is run by the Bible Society. We spent 5 days riding and did just under 300km and met some lovely people.....This little guy in the front sat in a bike trailer and got pulled along by his mum! and another couple road a tandem shown here in the pic... we raised a good amount for the bible society which this year goes to help Aboriginal communities to train up indigenous bible workers so they can go back to their own community and spread the gospel. So some of you Im sure are asking where on earth is Dubbo...i found this reginal map to show you..... we are in the midnorth coast region on the coast and ive marked Macksville....and look over to the middle and you'll see Dubbo.

We had beautiful sunny days each day but was still cool enought to have arm and leg warmers on for most of the day. Each ride was some kind of loop in and around Dubbo ending for a break at a coffee shop. The last day was great ...our longest ride 85km, we rode to Eumungerie primary school and chatted with the kids there ...had something to eat and rode back. We got together most nights as a group and had a meal plus got to know a little more about each other.

Spring in Dubbo brings out the Magpies for their breeding season though and each day we were attacked by them at some point along the ride!!! pretty scary birds they are!! very sharp beaks and they will keep swooping at your head till you get out of their territory. Here's a pic of them.....oooooowwww :( nasty little characters they are.

The country side was beautiful....alot dryer and less humidity than on the coast where we are but they have had some rain which was so good to see. The wild frowers were out for spring and i just had to stop along the rides and take some pics. This is a wattle bush they were all along the roads and i love them the whole bush is covered with tiny little pom poms....splashes of yellow everywhere.

and a close up with a shinny little stink bug ....hes so cute!

This is a wax flower....

and i was'nt quite sure of the names of these 2....but these 3 all grow an low bushes.

On our way home beautiful patches of yellow fields meet your eye....these are canola plants which when harvested are made into canolia oil. They grow them beside feilds of wheat.

And lastly on our way home when you come through Uralla you'll see this monument of thunderbult and his horse....He was a famous Bush ranger in the 1800's but the interesting thing is he stole this horse from my husbands great great gandfather Charles Reynolds. They were race horse breaders at the time.

Well i hope you have enjoyed a peek into our trip away and if you'd like to see more click on our face book on the side panel and we found this verse Ive put here as a last thought while having our morning devotions when we were away ...ill post again soon with some more cards....Valita
and a last thought

Spend your time and energy in the exercise
of keeping spiritually fit. Bobily exercise is
alright, but spiritual exercise is much more
important and is a tonic for all that you do.
Timothy 4:7,8


fabie said...

Nice to see australian landscape.

I'm used to british landscape as I spent quite a time over there when I was younger. I know America through movies but Australia is a place I know nothing of appart from "kangourou" and crocodiles (thanks to "Crocodile Dundee" sorry for the spelling I might got it wrong.

JenE said...

sounds like you had a wonderful time! beautiful pictures...thanks for shaing and for helping to spread God's word!!

JIB said...

Valita Beautiful pictures. Sounds like you had a great time. I've always wanted to visit Australia (I'm in the USA).

Thanks for the work & Word you share. I love the Oil Pastels on embossing card. Waiting to get my supplies to try it out.


ChrissyM said...

I'm glad your bike for bibles event was successful. Your pictures are breath taking, such goregous pictures. What an amazing thing you did, you are an amazing women, you always amaze me. Your post always make me smile.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing beautiful Australia. I am in Michigan here in the U.S. My dad is in North Dakota, and he has raised wheat and cannola, so it was fun to see it an a whole other country :) I love visiting your blog and am inspired in my walk with God and my creativity. Thanks for inspiring me. God bless you. Elizabeth S. in mid-Michigan