Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fun with paper doilies/Baby's pram

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HI all, I bought a pack of paper doilies a while back and these are a few cards we've made with them in our Monday classes.Ill also show you how to make the cute little baby pram.These backgrounds were made using the gutter guard mesh...go here to see more.

so to start you will need:

1, 2" Circle cut in half for the body of the pram
1 small paper doily for the blanket and frills... mine were 3, 1/2" across
2, 3/4" circles for the wheels
1 med spiral punch for the handle
2 brads for the centers of the wheels
2, 2" strips of card 1/4" wide for the pram legs.
Ink to edge
Cut the large circle in half. Ink the edges of all the pieces and cut a 3 section piece from the doily. Put the brads in the centers of the 2, 3/4" circles for the wheels.
Now using this 3 section piece of doily and one half of the 2" circle fold it over using double sided tape to create the blanket.

Next using the other half circle tape 2 small sections of doily behind the pram hood and a piece of foam tape to the bottom front.

Now stick these two together....

After putting your brads in you 2 wheels turn them over to the back and double side tape the legs to them.

Now the fun part....have a play with the legs and spiral handle to see which looks you like.....Ive done a few here for you to see....once your happy with it tape them on add a cute little face and mount on your card with foam tape.

See by just adjusting the length and position of the legs and also the position of the handle the different looks you can create thanks to all my lovely Monday ladies who all made theirs a little different and inspired this tutorial. Enjoy until next post..Oh by the way its our 19th wedding anniversary today..Valita
and a last thought

You can detect a false teacher by the
way they act. Just as you can identify
a tree by its fruit.
Yes the way to identify a tree or a person
is by the kind of fruit they produce.
Matthew 7:16,20


vistagirl said...

Those are so cute Valita! How clever! The coloring/shading is wonderful. thanks for the great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Very, very cute! All your doily ideas are darling. Thanks for sharing them.


Anonymous said...

I love this ideas you have made and i am going to have a go but little different of the background because i do not have that sort of machine you got but I will show you when i finish it .... not today that i am busy but i will do that on the weekend..... because i was looking for different ideas to make. Thanks for showing it


Donna said...

this is so sweet!

Princeska said...

what a great idea! so lovely.

Heather "Hev" said...


Thankyou for the adorable tutorial also :)

Crafty Wanderings said...

Love visiting your blog - you have some great ideas. Thanks for sharing - love the baby prams!
Ruth x

Deborah March said...

Great projects Valita! I left you some lovin' here...

Mel M. M. M. said...

WOW! Super adorable. You are so wonderful to share all that you do! :O)

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