Friday, August 15, 2008

Gutter Guard Mesh embossed Baby Card

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Hi All, Ive been playing around with my cuttlebug the last few days and and decided to run some Gutter guard mesh through to see what it would do. It was very cheap so I got a whole roll of the stuff some time ago to use on another project coming up. Its a flexible plastic mesh used here to keep the leaves out of your roof gutters. Anywhoooo :) i ran this through the cuttlebug and loved the results so much i needed to share the results with you all. This card is off to my twin sister who recently had a baby girl....and i love the spellbinder flower sets i won from Bizzy Becs site. So here's how i made the embossed background.
Open up your cuttlebug and put your A plate then B plate and the gutter mesh on top.
Next lay your card over the top.

Now use using a square of silicone baking sheet lay this over the top.

You will need a shim....i used 2 card backing off the emboss folder packages..for some strange reason i kept them all and they are the perfect shims for these projects. Go's to show you should'nt throw everything out!!

Lastly place on top your other B plate and roll them all through.

Here's the results, the one on the left was done with the silicone sheet and is the one I like best... love the puffy effect. And the right one was done without the silicone sheet using more shim layers still great.

So i hope you've found my little adventure helpful. Click here to see how to use Fiskars emboss plates in the cuttlebug also. Until next post ...have a happy sabbath....Valita
and a last thought

These words are trustworthy and true;
I am comming soon! God who tells His prophets
what the future holds, has sent His angel to tell you this
will happen soon. Blessed are those who believe it
and all else written in the book.
Revelation 22:7


Christine (the artist formerly known as Heather) said...

Genius! Pure genius!! :o)

Chris xx

scotspanda said...

fantastic idea Valita, love it

Carolivy said...

Truely a brilliant idea! Oooh, the possibilities! Thank you! Off to find some cool textures now!

Elizabeth >^..^< said...

What an awesome idea! Easier than using the ScorPal to make all the lines! WOW! Thanks for sharing that tip! Elizabeth Bead Diva

Mad Mary said...

Fantastic card Valita, what a great idea. i adore your card. Thank you for being an inspiration.

Michelle said...

That is great!! Thanks so much for sharing... Definetly will give it a try.

Andrea said...

thank you for such a great idea. You are a great crafter and willingly share your ideas. thank you

retiredheather said...

You are so creative to have come up with this idea; Thanks for sharing.

Annapurna said...

That is so creative. TFS.
The card you made is superb.

Nettie said...

What a clever idea...thanks for sharing

Manna said...

What a fantastic card! I love your creativeness! Thanks for sharing!

Plastic Cards said...


This is such a beautiful effort,I really appreciate your work.
Thanks for sharing this nice designing.

Spindle & Distaff Creations said...

I love that you craft outside of the box and help us "craft challenged" folk to do the same! Thanks again for your God-given talents you so freely share :)

Scrappin Simply with Shannon said...

That's amazing! So does the silicon sheet always give a thicker look like that? Also how do you know how much shims you need? I just got a big shot but assume it works pretty similar. Just wondering how I will know if my shims are thick enough. The baking sheet I assume is just one from the kitchen section...or is this something you buy for the machines? I have seen a thick scoring pad or something. Wonder if it does the same job? Thanks for great explanation!

valita said...

Yes it's just from the kitchen section of a cheap shop and just experiment with your shims as you machine will be a little different