Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Postman Pat

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Hi all, we went to a good friends 40th Birthday on the weekend......and for years now he's been a i thought this card would be appropriate and fun at the same time....i didn't add royal mail to the van being in Australia....But i was really pleased how this turned out......Ive included the pattern if you'd like to try also. and some quick instructions on how i made his cute little cat.

I use the 1, 1/4" circle punch for the body. The spiral for his tail, Small heart for his mussel and ears, small flower for his feet, and one of these tiny hearts form the heart corner punch for his nose, and the small hole punch for his eyes.

Cute Hey!!!'s the van pattern

Enjoy ....were off now to our daughters year 12 music night...should me a good one, she will be singing 2 of her HSC pieces. and until next post...Valita

and a last thought

Do what is right; then if men speak against you,
calling you evil names, they will become
ashamed of themselves for falsely
accusing you when you have only done
what is good. Remember if God wants
you to suffer, it is better to suffer for doing
good than for doing wrong!
1 Peter 3:16,17


Edna Siu said...

it is a wonderful work, not just the card to a postie, it is about encouragement, I like to send cards to friends because I know that people need to be encouraged and appreciated, it is a small deed to bring a big cheer to life.
Keep it going!

Lori said...

Valita - you've inspired me to think outside the box and for that I wanted to give you an award. I nominated you for a rockin' award on my blog. Check it out!

Donna said...

this is so cute! I adore the kitty!! one of these days I am going to make one of your one of a kind patterns!

Cazz said...

Hi valita,

I came across your blog whilst browsing Fred She said at 4.30am cos I couldn't sleep and you have helped me out with a card I was trying to think of doing so a big thank you from a very sleepy Cazz in the UK. My future father-in-law has a birthday coming up soon and he too is a postman so Pat's van is just right so I have saved the file and will be having a go this week sometime inbetween wedding plans etc etc etc

Thank you again xxx