Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gold Class Movie Night

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Dave and I organized a Gold Class Movie night for the youth in our church last night and it was great. We are raising money for the bible society and will be doing a bike for bibles week of riding up to 500km next week and are so looking forward to it :)
There was a dress code of dress fancy with a Boa and a hat for the men....we had a chocolate fountain with lots of dipping things on tooth pis and was a real hit...i think eveyone went home with a drip of chocolate on there clothes....LOL, cupcakes, fancy fruit cocktails and auderves plus loads of other goodies....these young guys really got some fancy treatment!!!!! we took glamor shots of them which were so funny and they socialized while one of the mums played her flute and one of the dads sang with his guitar as there live entertainment...they watched a movie and we gave out some prizes....we had heaps of help in the kitchen whizzing up drinks and heating up savories etc and serving them on trays. A fantastic night and we so appreciated all the support and help by everyone. It was all good clean fun alcohol, G rated movie. God truly blesses. One of the prize winners recived this card with a $20 gift voucher and all my helpers recived the smaller thankyou cards.

Heres some more pics from the night......lots of pics were taken of others but you all understand why i dont put these the ones that havent got there faces blured are our family....don't you love our giant popcorn box!!

Our daughters...they loved dressing up in my mums old fur coats!

I have to thank our sone Ben ....he was a big help to me on the night and looked after the chocolate fountain..of corse!!!

And these are our Bike for Bibles riding shirts.
I hope youve enjoyed a peek into a great night and fun times to come....we have....until next post... Valita

and a last thought

Urge the young men to behave carefully,
taking life seriously. And here you yourself
must be an example to them of good
deeds of every kind.
Titus 2: 6,7


Made by Mandy said...

I have had a blog award and I would like to pass it to you and it can be found here.

Blog Award

Thankyou for the constant inspiration you provide.

LuRae said...

Your children and your church youth are so very priviledged to have you working so hard for them. I enjoy reading all that you plan for them and participate in with them. Of course, your paper crafts are amazing too. I wish I could meet you some day in person, but reading about your life will be equally an honor.

ChrissyM said...

Your card is amazing as always. Your event sounds like a lot of fun. Best of wishes with the bikes for bibles, looking forward to hearing all about it. Your church is very lucky to have you!


reeree62 said...

What wonderful things you do, Valita. Not just creatively, but your work ministering youth too. I love the scripture on this post.
God bless!