Monday, January 14, 2008

Sizzix Paper Roses

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Hi all, Ive not long had this great sizzix die set called Flower Layers (got it at a bargin price on ebay) and was thinking it would make a great paper rose. So this is what ive come up with.

You will need:

Red & Green card stock
Flower layers die
leaf die (cuttlebug)
sun punh
Bamboo Skewer stick
Green artline texta
Black ink pad
red kindy glitz
Strong craft glue

This is the flower die set
Each rose only take the one set of flowers. you'll also need to punch a green large sun and leaf. Lightly edge the flowers and leaf with black ink .

Next prepare your bamboo skewer by colouring it with the green artline texta.

cut a wedge from each flower ( I cut 1 whole petal out) but the smallest( it's just cut into the center), trun over so your now working on the back. Using a large ended shaping tool on a soft pad push all around each flower to give a nice petal shape.

Taking the smallest flower apply some glue to the stick and roll this aorund....sorry the pic could of been better...

Each layer from small to big now gets wraped around the stick overlaped and glued in this way .
(pic below) make sure you are now working so the inked side is facing up. Hold for a few mins. till the glue dries and roll back each petal . I use a pricking needle or you could use a tooth pick etc...

second and third layers

After the largest and last flower is glued and petals curled cut a 2 rayed wedge out of the green sun turn your flower over and add some glue to the base of the flower. Wrap around pinching in for a sec to let the glue take hold.

make a fold down the center of the leaf and Roll part way round the stick and in the pic.

Lastly decorate with some red kindy glitz and a small heart gel sticker.

Add a tag ( I used the sizzix bread tag dies becaue they just clip on easy) and ran one through the cuttlebug emboss folder adding some ribbon. Now wrap in some pretty clear cellophane and give it to a loved one.

These are really easy to make and dont take long. I hope i have inspired you to use those dies in yet another way....Valita

And a last thought

The grass withers, the flowers fade,
But the word of our God shall stand forever.
Isaiah 40:8


Silke Ledlow said...

All I can say is SUPER WOW!!!
What a beautiful way of making your own flowers....can't wait to see more!!!

Deborah March said...

This is FABULOUS Valita! I love how generous you are with your instructions too. THANK YOU!