Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heart Jewel Frame

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well good morning from my part of the world, its really cool
here today after some muggy sticky days. Beth is home from summer camp and all sung out....the cool thing is there youth band snagged another gig this time at a youth rally later in the year where 1500 young people attend.
We are so excited for them but in the mean time she will have to knuckle down to finish her yr 12 high school certificate. Ben has just gone off to teen 2 camp with his mountain bike so its a girls week at home this week.
So back to the reason for this post. I have made some patterns with the idea comming from diamond cut shapes which you could use for window cards as i have. Mine will be a birthday card for my mum which is on valentines day
but they could be used for any ocation with or without a photo or even an opening for a small box front with some clear film etc.
After finishing this card i wanted the inner point to come lower down so i modified the pattern to now come out like
I think it looks better. So now all you have to do is have a go at it. And if you need some help with the folds just click here to see the example folds i use.
and a last thought

Wherever your treasure is, there your
heart will also be.
Luke 12:34

Heres a pic of the above pattern used to frame a verse. This was done by Ingrid a very talented lady fron the COC forum .... love it Ingridas always thanks for sharing.

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Den and Jen said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful patterns! I'm going to definately try the heart pattern for Valentine's day.
Jen, CofC