Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Australia Day - card patterns

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Well January is fast moving and the 26th brings Australia day for all us Aussies. A great day to spend as a family, having a BBQ or just getting out and enjoying our beautiful contry. I've been working on these maps of Australia and thought you might like to have a these could also be great for all you OS people if you'er ever down under to send a post card back home etc. ive made 3 different kinds of patterns the first is our national flag, then the Aboriginal flag ( the native people of our country) and the last is a spinoff to what we call our sunburnt country.

Read all instructions first. Cut round the out line with a craft knife and tape down to the pattern
makeing sure its the opposite way round.

folds 1-6 are red double folds which means the paper has been folded along the lenght of both sides and some of the ends have been folded too. once this is done attach doublesided tape to the back of all the folds. Do the same for folds 7-10 in white and again attach the doublesided tape. Also don't forget to put some doublesided tape in the areas marked red.

This will help hold everything sug down when you lay the blue paper over to finish the pattern.
Don't forget Tasmaina right at the bottom it's a part of Australia too. And to finish attach stars to the front using the pattern as a guide. Sorry for the fact my stars havent got the same amount of points as the flag i just dont have a punch the same. Go here if you'd like to read more on the meaning and history of our Australian Flag
and click here for the meaning of the Aboriginal flag

And a thought for today
Though i have scattered them like seeds among the nations,
still they will remember me and return again to God.

Zechariah 10:9

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fran said...

These are amazing! I'll have to plan and trip and visit just so I can make them~ TFS!