Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love Heart Banner

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Another Valentine project, this one was fun to make. I printed out the size heart i wanted and then ran them through the emboss folders. Next i used jumbo scallop scissors to create the white backings and edged all this with blank ink. I used my Slim Jim lettering dies for the word LOVE and kindy glitzed then Dimensional magiced them so they pop up. Added wings to one of the hearts and ribbons to hold it all together. Cool Hey!
I had sent my daughter Madaleine and her friend down town with a pocket full of change while i was making this and she comes in saying Mum i got bargin and youll love it know we talked about getting these....and i wondered what on earth she had in the box...well 2 little eyes greeted me and 2 more were in the box. She had bought 2 mice! Gone are the days they come home with a bag of lollies. I couldnt say much but how cute they were...and yes we had talked about getting some with a spare cage and all. thank goodness school holidays are almost over or goodness only knows what she'll come home with next. so you have to see the 2 new additions to the family....they havent got names yet.

Madaleine had to text her big sister staright away to tell her. Beth is still at teen 1 Summer camp singing in the youth band. and Ben is off to teen 2 camp next week to do some serious mountain biking. Weve been doing alot of walking with the kids and our 3 dogs for exercise, its been good.
So heres some closeups of the heart Banner hope they can inspire someone...Valita

and a last thought

O Lord the earth is full of your creatures,
and in wisdom you have made them all!.
The earth is full of your riches.
Psalms 104:24

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