Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Embossing with O rings

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By now you must all be convinced that i am obsessed with this cuttlebug thing....LOL well maybe i am!!!! ;).... but i just love to share all these with you its just how i work....But i need to share this also. Over the last few months i have been having panic attacks which have been leaving me so frustrated. Me and my daughter just now have come back from the pool ....Ive just started my laps again for the summer season and felt this coming on. As I watch the surface of the water while i was doing my laps i felt I was getting nowhere as the wind was blowing but I felt God speak to me and tell me to look under and He said "Im guiding you"! as i looked under the water i could see i was moving forward and i looked on ahead to the end of the lane and their was the cross marked at the end of the lane He said " see Im here for you I defeated all sin and fear at the cross and so can you too! ....i think when were at our weakest God can make us strong to face what we go love to hear from anyone who goes through similar me!

Now lets show you how i did these cool circles. I found a pack of "O" rings in the hardware section and wondered if they could be cuttlebugged. i only used the 4mm thinner ones marked here on the back of the pack....

this was the front of the pack........

So here's what i did ...Put your A and B plate into the cuttlebug and lay the rings in a random fashion on the B plate....

Next lay your card over the top and then your silicone mat on top of that.
opp looks like you got a peek at one that id finished...LOL

Now over this lay 2 layers of shim....(2 card backs off the emboss folder packets)
and your other B plate and roll it on through.....

and the results..........i love this part!!!!!!!!!

Cool hey!! and i made this beach card (above) with the results but to change it to a Christmas card for my class i added some bits....I thought this would suit our Australian Christmas.

and Ill show you how i made the punched shell.....using the scallop circle, punch 2 and cut off 2 of the scallops on each side leaving 2 in the middle do these together to save time.......

Now i bought the spider web folder because i liked the pattern....I'm not into anything Halloween but i knew id use that pattern for something and these shells were perfect... this is how i positioned them in the folder to get a nice shell looking pattern...

Now to colour the shell i used oil pastels...go here to see my Tutorial on this.
and these are the results....

I put foam tape between them and fanned out the top a little to make it look like the shell was opening.Here's a close up...

Hows that hey .....hope this has inspired you....oh and one last pic ....this is my daughter doing her HSC study....shes so funny and a joy to have at home....she does her hair up all weird and sits to study...i said you'll forget you've got that thing on your head and answer the door .....LOL love you sooooo much Beth ...always be yourself that's who God has designed. Love you!!!

don't ya just love her!!! LOL cant stop laughing here..........

and a last thought

Out of His glorious, unlimited resources
He will give you the mighty inner
strengthening of His Holy Spirit.
Ephesians 3:16


Betty aka ZacksNana said...

Thanks sooo much! Your tutorials are so smart! I liked the o rings. I have been looking at this Cuttlebug machine for a couple of weeks now and rying to figure out how I could make my own textures. You're an inspiration to us all!!!
I'm going to be coming back here from time to time to see what "NEW" you've created.

Your story of God speaking to you gave me goose flesh. Awesome!

Deborah March said...

You are most DEFINITELY my Cuttlebug Guru Valita!

Oh my, your Beth looks like she's been SPOOKED! (lol)

You're such a wonderful witnesss to your faith.

Bentov Anat said...

Your Blog inspired me and I wrote a post about your blog in my Blog (It's in Hebrew... you can translate with google)
Thank you
Anat Bentov

katestamps716 said...

SUPER clever! Thanks for sharing these great samples!

Anonymous said...

I love, love , love this idea you are amazing!!! Yes your daughter is adorable I know teenagers seem to get a bad rap but I love them and have one of my own. Have a great day and TFS.

Debbie/Phx AZ

Mada said...

Your card is fantastic and your creativity is boundless. :)

Beth is a beauty and you're one blessed mother.

If you stop by my blog for 1 minute, there's a small award waiting for you there.