Tuesday, October 21, 2008

40th and 50th Birthday's

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Hi all, My brother in law and my best friend both had birthdays on Friday. One turned 40 and the other 50..... so i was pulled in both directions for the weekend......we enjoyed a nice quiet dinner with my best friend at our local pizza place on the river (pattern for this Finch card below) and then we were off to Inverell to the in laws 50th. This is normally a 3 hour drive but our son wanted to get some hours up with his learners license and it took us 5 hours :0 ............I think this was to teach me some patience.
This was a dress up party and was fun to spend some time with them. Here's his card and some pics ..........

This is Copeton Dam near Inverell. an amazing huge Dam three times bigger than Sydney harbour. This Pic only shows a small section of it. kangaroos everywhere in the camping grounds around the Dam and we spent the morning on their water slide with the much fun!!

This is a pic on our way home at a place called Ebor Falls. their were butterflies everywhere... beautiful country!!!

And this is the corner fold pattern for the finch card. if you have a go keep in mind that this was designed for a large card. I hope you've enjoyed this as much as we have....valita

and a last thought

But if we walk in the light,
as He is in the light,
we have fellowship with one another.
1 John 1:7


Jolis said...

Valita, I just LOVE how you've added depth to your folds by "aging" the edges! Looks so AWESOME! I didn't realize it was an IF/FF card until I scrolled down and saw the pattern. Hope you don't mind my stealing this idea! ;) Love your blog, Valita!

vistagirl said...

Great cards Valita!! My husband rides a Harley, so your bike card has inspired me! the bird pattern is gorgeous! Thanks for being such a blessing!
Jennifer L.

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Absolutely amazing! You are just such a wonderful artist. It's such a joy to see what you share. :O)

One4Joy said...

just wanted to say I popped into your blog through someone's link for your fab folds...what a wonderful blog, testimony to the power of the Savior and awesome kickin' music!!! I usually have my iTunes going, but love your playlist!

Keep it up!


Rachel from Bendigo said...

Wow! i have been browsing through your blog and love your cards! You are incredibly talented! I'm feeling inspired! Thanks Valita! I'll be back!