Friday, October 17, 2008

Silicone verses Fun foam in your cuttlebug

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I had an email yesterday from Elizabeth asking me how the silicone mat and fun foam compare though the cuttlebug when using the Fiskars Texture plates and did some experimenting ....always fun!!!! ;)
Im very aware that many people cant find the silicone baking mats so this will be interesting for those people. Also if you have the wizard dies you could use the tan rubber mat instead of the silicone may just have to play with how many shims you use as it is sightly thicker and denser . So here is what i found...use the same sandwich layers as my first post on Fiskars emboss plate and your cuttlebug This consits of:

Your A plate
your fiskars texture plate
your card
your silicone mat
and your C plate

Now if you are using fun foam you will build you sandwich like this:

Your A plate
your Fiskars texture plate
your card
your fun foam
3 layers of shim ( i use the card off the backs of the emboss folder packaging)
and your C plate.

and here are the results ..........

Now you can see there is a difference. The silicone actually left a much deeper impression which in my opinion looks nicer and the fun foam still embossed and i guess if you cant find the silicone this would be a great alternative. Here's a close up with the silicone mat on the left and the fun foam on the right.

a very clear difference especially when the fiskars emboss plates just are not etched that deep the silicone works a treat. so there you go I hope this has helped you in your crafting. A last pic.... I found this moth in the house yesterday and just loved the beautiful colours and was only twice as big as my thumb nail...another testomy of Gods creative attention to detail and beauty. And please continue to pray for the year 12 students doing their HSC over the next few weeks Beth is doing her English exam today.

and a last thought

Lord, if you keep in mind our sins
then who can ever get an answer to his prayers!
But you forgive! What an awesome thing this is!
That is why i wait expectantly,
trusting God to help, for He has promised.
Psalms 130:3-5


Anonymous said...

Just a thought, what if you used two layers of fun foam rather than the cardboard shims

Deborah March said...

Another great Cuttlebug tip...and that moth has to be the prettiest one I've ever seen!

pescbrico said...

I really like what you are doing whit that silicole sheet... I NEED to find some somewhere... So far I'm out of luck about it but I will keep looking because I want to try it too! :)

christina d said...

I love your tips on the CB. The moth is pretty and lots of prayers for the students. In fact I love all your art!!

Beth said...

Im in the Unites States and I found the silicone mats in the baking wares department of Walmart. They were advertised for lining baking sheets for better cookies ect.

valita said...

im so glad youve found them ...pass the word around!!!