Monday, October 14, 2013

a NOTICE to all stampin up denonsrtators, paying customers, class teachers

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Open in Mobile AppMay I first say I do not aim this at all my subscribers at all please do not take this post that way!!  just those who love to do the wrong thing. It saddens me to even have to contemplate writing this post. I had a recent purchase of my instructions which needed some sorting out with a bungled up delivery. These things are very easily fixed if I am contacted quickly remembering when you purchase you should get an instant download to your email. Please remember I can see how many times you have downloaded your purchase! Now there are many reasons why things can go wrong knowing there are still human hands behind everything even the internet. this dose not happen often though.  Here is a list of the main problems I see....
*If you are paying by echeck this will take a week to clear.
*The email could be in your spam box.
*Your pay-pal email address is different to you regular email address.
*Your computer privacy setting need adjusting.
*People just are not sure how to download something.
*They downloaded it but are not sure where it went on their computer .
*and sometimes cyber space just swallows them up.
Please know I am always happy to help so you are satisfied with your purchase!!
so whats this got to do with stampin up!  keep reading....
All my sales are though an online storage and they send out your purchase by an instant email. If for some reason you don't receive it I don't know this until you contact me. A few people have waited weeks for there download never bothering to contact me and then take out a paypal case to sort it out. That ok .... actually that's good because when they do this paypal sends me an email (alerting me) and it is always the first time I hear of a missing purchase or problem so I can then easily fix it. Now my issue is..... I sent this person as soon as I was alerted by pay pal multiple emails with their purchase plus a freebie for their bother and I'm not real sure whether they even opened any of them... for the mean time they sent me a message through paypal saying "Never mind. I got the Australian Flower downland. I have the Swan from someone in my Stampin up class, yesterday. So just let it go. I am. Lesson learned for me." Ok so I could say that's great or hang on this person has only purchased one thing from me (the swan) as I can see this in my purchase history and its not an Australian Flower (which by the way was not the freebie I sent)...... anyone seeing the picture come together yet!I don't know whether this was from a teacher or student but the principle is the same.
I have never once had anyone including stampin up demonstrators purchase group rates from me for their classes. If you are at a stampin up class or any class for that matter and they charge you for my instructions..... basically they are stealing from me. Your class teacher or anyone for that matter should only be giving out a link to my blog for your own instruction purchases. I always knew this would be happening it was just a matter of time that someone would spill the beans in some way. I am very aware that once its out there on the net its pretty much out of my control. but it seems its just another disappointing connection with Stampin up ....please remember the respect of the designer. Thank you to those who have given out my link and done the right thing....Shame on those that do the wrong thing!

Blessings to you

and a last thought
 Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor,
 doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may
 have something to share with anyone in need. 
 Ephesians 4:28


Whimcees said...


I am sorry to hear of your problems with these issues! I am wishing you a happy week and looking forward to seeing a new creation! Maybe for Halloween?


Barbara Diane

TLady said...

SOOO SORRY you're having this trouble Valita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE of the reason's I won't sell my Tea Cup Pattern!!!!!!!!! HOPE people REALIZE that stealing other's work NEVER PAYS OFF!!!!!!! AND remember Valita, when someone is stealing from YOU, they're PROBABLY stealing from OTHERS!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you had to finally be effected by these rude people! I've read similar stories on other Blogs. It's not like you or others are trying to sell things for big bucks that would cause people to steal by getting from others who bought!
I have bought from you numerous times, never had a problem receiving the purchase. Once I had a problem on e-bay but through e-mails with the seller, I found they had a medical emergency & was out of town. As soon as they returned, my purchase was shipped.
My husband & I also have our own business (not internet related) but it always amazes us when we receive a complaint via the Better Business Bureau and we never heard from the customer directly. By the way, the BBB always found in our favor. But if they don't tell something is wrong, you can't fix it.
So, anyhow, I hope you don't stop sharing & selling your designs!! Been following you for quite awhile and don't want to lose you!!
I was a SU Demo for awhile, as a hobby demo, but never took it any further because I couldn't follow their rules.
Keep your chin up & know that there are a lot us out here that want you to stay around!!

Janet Kay said...

Oh, Valita, this is so upsetting!! Here in the USA things just like this are happening:( People are having their artwork stolen (copied) and passed off as belonging to the thief! The world just seems to be getting more and more greedy! :( This really saddens me:( You make beautiful designs and you deserve to earn a profit from it! I'm so sorry this has happened to you! :(

Tricia Butts said...

Valita, I am sorry you have had such a negative experience and unfortunately this is the downside of sharing your creations online with others. Not everyone is ethical about the way they carry out their business practices. However, I think you are being a little unfair to class all Stampin' Up! Demonstrators as people who cheat and steal designs belonging to others and blame Stampin' Up! for this issue. From your description of this transaction, your customer stated that she got the design from someone at the Stampin' Up! class that she attended, but did not state that the class taught that design or supplied it. It could just as easily have been shared by another attendee from the class perhaps sharing between friends (as friends often do) and may not have been related in any way to the class or the Stampin' Up! demonstrator holding the class. I hope that anyone reading your blog that has been misusing your designs will cease this practice and be ethical in their future practices. I hope you will give those of us who do follow the rules the benefit of the doubt and not include us with those who have no respect for the rules. There are many designers selling their tutorials on the internet and there are a lot of similarities between different designers selling similar tutorials. I have seen ugly situations where designers have accused each other of stealing their designs. For me, the safest way is to not purchase tutorials online and that way I do not get caught up in the ugliness. I hope that you will have more positive experiences in the future, including those with Stampin' Up! demonstrators and customers. God Bless.

valita said...

please know i DO NOT class all stampin up demonstrators as cheaters and stealers this was not my intent for this post. and yes it could of been a member of the class I acknowledge that.