Thursday, September 12, 2013

Important notice about my instruction sets

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Hi all, as you may or may not be aware Stampin up has discontinued their blossom petals punch which is such a shame!!! this was a very versatile punch. I'm afraid Stampin up is one of those company's Ive watched over the years that is constantly changing their stock which make you and the demonstrator buy buy buy all the time and they make the huge $$$. This has affected my instruction sales pretty bad, so Ive had to think what I would do with the many instructional sets I have for sale that included this punch....... leave them as they are, take them down off the blog or edit them. I still wanted to make them available for you so my decision was to edit & design a set of petals that are similar to the punch. These will be in a pdf called "Blossom petals punch info replacement petals template" and when you purchase an instruction set that required the blossom petals punch you will also receive the new free template download. I hope you will be happy with this decision. Below is a list of the instruction sets I have for sale that previously needed the blossom petals punch. So in a sense this works out cheaper for you! NO expensive punch is now needed to make these designs! The new templates are hand cut.... but don't be afraid of this its so easy..... below is my instructional video how to do this the easy way. I have also updated each blog post instruction set that used this punch and explained all the details. I hope you will like the decision I made and this will be helpful to many.
Blessings to you

 I believe this punch is available for a short time on clearance, I cant put any one link to it you would have your find own demonstrator

Magnolia paper art
Birthday Orchid paper art
Passion flower paper art
Christmas orchid paper art
Snow drops paper art
Calla lily paper art
Sturt's desert pea paper art
Australian native Waratah paper art
Flying Angel paper art
Fashion hats paper art
Lotus art paper art
Peony paper art flowers
Lotus flower paper art
Orchids 4 set paper art
Swan paper art

and a last thought
A greedy man stirs up strife, 
but the one who trusts in the Lord will be enriched. 
Proverbs 28:25


kat said...

How thoughtful of you to do this for those that may not get the punch. As a suggestion to all your readers, that punch is now on the Clearance Rack for less than $9 [if I remember correctly! I, on the other hand, paid full price!]. I thoroughly enjoy enjoy your lovely creations; they have been an inspiration to me for several years now. Thanks again for modifying your instructions for us.

Unknown said...

You are so kind, Valita! Maybe you should have your own punch company!

Holly M said...

This is a wonderful solution to this problem. I was a Stampin Up Demonstrator, but quit the company for this very reason. I got tired of having to tell my customers about retired products. When they changed the ink pads, that was it for me! I love your products and tutorials, and tell all my craft friends about your blog.

Ann R. said...

This punch is available (for now) in the clearance area. Just happened to see it today. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

Jessica said...

What a great idea! I'm sorry they discontinue their punches too. I don't care about the colors of paper, card stock or even ink. But I do care about the punches. I've not been able to buy anything for a long time now. And that punch was on my list. Time to redo the list. Now when I can buy things from you, I won't have to worry about buying the punch too! Thanks for being so thoughtful.
Hugs, Jess

Karol L said...

You are such a dear person for thinking of us. In this day and age that is so rare. Thank you.

flo's-a-scrapin said...

Validation have you thought of putting out your punch type designs in svg files. So many of the electronic die cutters cut these even Cricuts new explore is supposed to be able to do this. I would definitely buy your svg files.

valita said...

i will def look into that thanks for the suggestion