Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scor-Pal tip

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Hi, For all you card craft teachers out there I thought i would share with you a tip when using your Scor-Pal to prepare your card making lessons. I find it frustrating to just dump my scor-pal down and let the ladies try and figure out and remember which lines to score on so i came up with this idea to use for those times and most of all for my own preparation of multiple cards for classes.

I have the measurements layed out in front of me on a piece of paper and then lay pieces of sticky tape over the numbers on the Scor-Pal i want to mark it at. Take a markable texta and mark over the tape at those measurements then when your finished just pull off the tape and you haven't marked your expensive score board. I find this the easiest and quickest way to mark a lot of projects that are all the same as i don't have to keep remembering all the numbers. I hope this can help you too! Now check out the pics of the dust storm we are having today....

this is looking at the Macksville bridge in our town

and this is looking down our street

these were taken earlier in the day its gotten worse since then.....that's why the scor-Pal looks a yellowy colour in the pic above lol.....most of New South Whale is covered in dust at the moment and south of us...Sydney, Canberra, etc have had it worse! check this out

this was someone Driving through the dust storm between Wilcania and Broken Hill, in NSW Australia
and a last thought
the garden of our hearts

The person who dose the planting or watering
isn't very important, but God is important
because He is the one who makes things grow
1 Corinthians 3:7


Marion said...

Hi Valita!
I enjoy your blogs very much.
thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.
I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and the dust storm has hit us here too. we can hardly see outside and it really smells so dusty.

Chantel said...

Hi Valita,

Just thought I'd say hello :)

I started following your blog because I love crafty stuff.

Imagine my surprise when you talk about Macksville! It's where I grew up and my parents still live! I miss it and love going 'home'.

Nice to see what the dust storm looked like there!

Take care,

Sharon said...

What a great tip, thanks for sharing!

Carole N. said...

What a terrible dust storm. I live in Kansas in the United States and we have a lot of wind and dust, however, the dust isn't as bad as it used to be thanks to the farmers and their method of farming now and all the wind blocks they have planted. It still makes keeping a clean home difficult at times.