Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

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Hi to all the Dads in Australia Happy Fathers day!!.........Dave woke me at the crack of dawn and whispered lets go to the beach! so we got up and watched the sun rise as we walked along.... we found some beautiful Cowries as well ! came home and had some breakfast and had a BBQ dinner together later that day. This is the card i made for him... The Kids all chipped in and gave him enough money to get a new tow bar on the car so this was the inspiration for this card.
the tail lights were made with the small oval stampin up punch. the tow bar was made with the word window stampin up punch and the 1/2' circle punch. the wheels were the large oval stampin up punch which i cut a flat end and i ran them through a crimper. and the background was done in a similar way to my designer back ground tutorial found here. were off to a wedding tomorrow in Queensland, a 6 hour drive from our place...looking forward to spending some time together!

and a last thought

Reverence for the Lord gives a man deep strength
his children have a place of refuge and security.
Proverbs 14:26

heres a rough pattern you can adapt parts to suit your car if you like


Baukje said...

I love this card Valita, thank you for the pattern.


Going with the Flow By Renee said...

This would make a fantastic tail gating card. If I get time to do it - I will send you the card! I am a big Texas Longhorn fan and we tail gate before the game! Woohooo! Hook 'em Horns! Renee

ChrissyM said...

Thank you for the pattern. Fantastic card. Your creations always amaze me you are so talented.

Alison said...

Hi lovely card, thanks for the template.


rachel said...

Whats happened to the music player? I always enjoyed hearing your music :)