Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Cross and a Rose

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Hi everyone, Its so nice at the moment....i have all three kids on school holidays for three weeks!....i love the school holidays the kids just veg out we catch up with each other and life slows down....i dont have to get up early to make lunches and get them off to the bus Woo hoooooo!! Our oldest daughter though is ducking back to school a few days to have prac exams for the HSC and some one on one study with the teachers, prayers would be so appreciated for her as this is a stressful time for them all. so this is what ive been working on when everyone is still in bed and the house is quiet....Not for the faint hearted thought.... some tricky folds but i loved the results worth having a go at. A little tip use double sided tape to hold some of those folds down as you go.
And a close up pic.

So i hope you'll have a go at this great pattern to challenge the old brain!!....but if you think it would be too hard go across to my pattern blog and see what you might like for sale there....they are a bit easier. here's the pattern.....Valita

and a last thought

And now that we are Christ's
we are true descendants of Abraham,
and all of God's promises to him belong to us.
Galations 3:29


Jak said...

Your card is wonderful.

bc2ucla said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. It is really beautiful. Thanks again for the pattern.


Mel M. M. M. said...

How beautiful and intricate! WOW! Lovely! So glad to hear you are having a bit of a break. :0)

Beth Norman said...

Beautiful, beautiful card.