Monday, June 30, 2008

Pancake night / Fundraiser / patterns

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Hi all, wow such a busy week we've had racing around getting organised for our pancake night. Dave and I will be riding in a Bike for Bibles Ride in October and rasing money for the Bible Society which this year will be going to Abroiginal communites at the top end of Australia....getting the gospel and literature to them in their own culture. So we have been madly selling chocolates. This has been our first bigger fundraiser night. We had 75 people turn up on the night and made just over $500 praise God! it was such a fun night....everything we needed for the night was donated by ladies from our church from pancake mixture and lots of it! to many different savory and sweet toppings and so many people got in and helped clean it all up after....we had 6 pans constantly cooking pancakes, we had a Flip off comp and a stuff down comp which were so funny. I made cards for the prize winners and thankyou cards for all who donated food. So id like to show you my cards and share the patterns with you.

A few weeks before we used this poster in the shape of a pancake to advertise the night and stuck one in the youth room on thier roof while we cooked them choc chip pancakes! and below are the for the big Flip Off comp which included a flip....and the other for the big stuff down which included some mylanta (indigestion medicine). LOL

Here's some close ups of the thanyou and prize cards. the cooks hat is a sizzix die. the other shapes i hand drew.

This thankyou card was made using different size oval punches

and some pics from the night.

and lastly here are the patterns. I know its not something you will use that often but i thought i would share this as i looked for something like this for the night but couldnt find a now there is a pattern to go by.....enjoy....Valita

and a last thought
Happy are those who long to be just and good,
for they shall be completely satisfied.
Matthew 5:6


Susan said...


I love this idea! You are a genius! This is just too cute and I know you all had a blast doing pancake night! Life is so much more fun when people can come together with love for a cause! God bless you!


valita said...

i can't agree more Susan thanks for you great words...Luv Valita

Joanne said...

These are fabulous Valita! Such creative designs. Love the idea of the Mylanta included in the prize. Looks like a great time was had by all.

Chrissy said...

What a fantastic idea! You are so creative and talented. My husband usually makes me pancakes in bed on the weekend and this would be a cute little thank you card for him. Thank you for the idea and pattern.

Check out my blog when you get a chance there is an award waiting for you.

Jackie said...

This is soooo kewl! I love your creative cards! Our Sunday school always needs new fundraisers besides the old standbys of Passover candy and craft sales. Of course, by suggesting the idea, I run the risk of actually organizing and running such an event, but, oh well. IF (and it's a real big "if") we use your idea, I will be sure to give credit on the items I create. I have lots of practice with Stampin' Up credits on the cards I make and sell.

Mel M. M. M. said...

You are too wonderful for words! I'd love to give you an award, (if you don't have it already): it's here :0) Thanks for all of your amazing inspiration!