Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lilly folds / Australian Gum nutsTutorial

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A happy hello to all my blog surfers Im so excited my hit counter has reached over the 100 thousand thankyou to all those who have left encouraging comments in my guest book and posts......another chilly night here just getting back from my daughters singing lessons....she's sounding really beautiful. This is one of her year 12 HSC (High school certificate) subjects and she will be singing 4 songs in as her final exam. Press here to hear her at singing lessons with here teacher together singing Piejesu you'll be truly blest!!. She brings a tear to my eye every time i hear her sing:)...and i can hear Beth now saying.... aaaww MUM!!! LOL...
Anyway here are Mondays cards!!! the first is a fold card of some abstract water lillies using the little slit punch to close the card ....i also used the flower cutouts to decorate the inside. An easy card to do but this pic dose'nt do it justice as the papers i used are very simmery and pretty. The pattern for this is below..

heres the inside.....

Our second card are Australian Gum nuts.....i just love these flowers as they leave different shape nuts or pods which can be used in lots of different crafts.....they are not in flower here at the moment but...heres some pis of the real flowers and then my card.

I stamped the leaves or you could use dried leaves which would look great....the gumnts were all made with punches.... heres a quick tutorial on how i made them.

Punch 1 large ballon and 2 small. 3 medium suns.

Fold the suns into quarters and cut small arches from each of the balloons. shape the balloons over a pencil and ink the edges in black.

Stick each of the folded suns to the backs of the shaped balloons with double sided tape

add some gold gliter to the tips of the suns and mount them on your card with foam tape.

I chose this faux hand writing emboss folder for the background as it looks like the bark off the scribbly gum, another native Australian tree.

I hope youve enjoyed the Singing, Australian flora, and the art works....all three have blest me this week......Valita
and a last thought

Lord, how i love you! for
you have done such tremendous things for me.
Psalms 18:1


Jak said...

Fabulous Cards.
Your daughter sounds wonderful you must be so proud.

Dorothy said...

You have every right to proud of her. Her voice is fantastic. Thank you for sharing it with us. The cards are wonderful, too.

Monica-FC said...

love the cards. I have only 1 size balloon punch will have to try this. thanks for sharing the cards as you sure do a a great job on them.

Julia Blake said...

The singing is beautiful. One of my favourite songs.
The cards are also lovely. Do not have the relevant punches but will try and be inventive.
Love. Julia

Brenda Scowcroft said...

Hi Valita! I have nominated you for an award. Please stop by my blog to collect it.

Peggy Maier said...

Lovely voice - I really enjoyed listening. What beautiful flowers. I have never seen anything like them before! Your card captures them perfectly!

christina d said...

Lovely singing! Your cards are gorgeous. Makes me want to go to Austrailia even more!!!

Deborah said...

Beautiful card Valita! Your daughter's rendition of Pie Jesu is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing her gift with us!

retiredheather said...

What an interessting plant. Love both cards. They are both originals and look fantastic.

Karen said...

I have just found your site - what a treat! Your work is beautiful (just like your daughter's singing - it does bring a tear to your eyes)

Anonymous said...

Hello Valita..
first of all CONGRATULATIONS to your husband for doing so well with his weight loss.. well done..
YOur daughters voice is magnificent.. I can understand how it would bring a tear to your eye.. and thirdly thanks for the patterns etc to make some cards.. they are wonderful as usual.. much appreciated..
kind regards Henny

Mel M. M. M. said...

WOW! Your daughter's voice is so beautiful. What a talent! And these cards are simply stunning Valita. The abstract lilies are so lovely in their simplicity. I love how you repeated them along that silver wave. And those Australian Gum nuts! Out-of this-world beautiful! :0)