Sunday, April 13, 2008

Prizes Won at the Annual Show

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Hello, well what a weekend. Our Valley area has just had its Annual River District Show for 2008.
So this year we decided to enter some of mine and my Daughters creations in the pavlian. To our surprise we won quite a few.....My daughter in the under 12's won first in Sew bag section, First in Crochet artical, First in Jewellery, and second in scrapbook pages. heres her pics

I won First in Jewellery, First in scrapbooking, First in Any other article, which was a star book i made for my daughter. Second in cardmaking, Second in Jewellery, and Second in Boiled Fruit cake. which you can find my recipe here. Third in the Toy section with my kermit puppet i made. heres the pics.
It was fun to see them all on display with many other talented creations and i think my daughter has some more big ideas for next year. Our church also ran a Heath Hut where for free you can have your blood preasure and sugar levels checked by some nurses form our church and this year they also did stress tests. Its a great outreach to the community and many of the show workers use this to get their annual check. Our puppet group used there Charcter heads to walk through the people and promote the health hut. My husband was in the boy here and he did a fantastic job ...although he made some babies cry!! but charmed a whole lot of others!!! Our Pastors wife had a go in the girl i think she loved it!!!

It was a great weekend and our Pathfinder group(kids aged 10-16) did the show cleanup as a fundraiser today which helps pay for there trips camping through the year.Well i hope youve been inspired yet again as we all have been...until next time God Bless..and stress less!!....Valita

and a last thouht
I strain to reach the end of the race
and receive the prize for which
God is calling us up to heaven because
of what Jesus Christ did for us.
Philippians 3:14


Soraya said...

Congratulations, Valita. You deserve those prizes and even more.


Den and Jen said...

Big congratulations to you and your daughter Valita! You both deserve the honors for your wonderful work!

Andrea said...

wow Valita, you are so talented in lots of areas. I missed this post last week but glad I saw it today. Its great that you were able to offer health checks at the show and that the pathfinder kids could earn some money by doing the clean up. I remember my pathfinders days and it sure was fun.

Made by Mandy said...

Hi Valita,

Great to 'see' you again, still have a lot of your iris folding patterns from the Yahoo group I used to be a member of. So glad to see you are still being as creative as ever.

Congratulations to you and your daughter on our wins, I am very pleased for you.

Love your creative projects and will keep visiting.

Take Care


Amanda Cruxton