Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mens Jacket Card

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Hello, i thought id share monday's class with you all. I had fun designing this card and like i said in the post for the mens ties save your tie cut out ...well this is what it was for. I had 19 Ladies in my class on monday and i was glad my 2 dauhters came to holidays for them at the moment. We've been doing mens cards as we always seem to struggle with those. below are some pics of the jacket without the tie and instructions to make it. Plus the other card we made in class......take care...Valita

and a last thought

Oh, revive us! then your people
can rejoice in you again.
Pour out your love and kindness on us,
Lord, and grant us your salvation.
Psalms 85:6,7


Joanne said...

Brilliant Valita! I think that I like this design of jacket card better than any others I have seen. Really fun design, and I like all the details like the label, and the hanky. Really like the fishing card as well.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!


Regina said...

The jacket card - what a fabulous idea! So much attention to detail!
The other card is so fun!
Both cards are great ideas for men cards!

You are so creative!

Liliya said...

Thank you for the idea and a template!! Enjoyed using it for my cards!

Leather Jackets said...

Wow and great designs of mens jackets cards..i like it..