Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Some simple Heart Decorations

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Hello ,Sorry i havent posted for a while....ive been cleaning my craft space which was well over due and you'd all understand how that can become a real mess.... Its been raining here for a while now but cant complain we need the rain so bad. Anyway ive made some quick little decorations for Valentines Day and thought id share them with you. Ive used a christmas tree hanger here to display them on but they look cute just hanging around the house. All very simple to make using cutting dies, embossing folders. The heart with the wings was made buy cutting a heart in half with scalloped scissors and using those for the each wing then adding some gliter. The 3D heart was made with 4 seperate hearts folded in half but adding the ribbon to the middle before gluing it all together. These were fun to make and would make a nice little gift to show someone you care.

I aslo found this cute heart on the net. Here are the original
. But i found if you glued it different it worked
better so ill show you what i did.

You'll Need:
6 stips of card
2, 27cm
2, 18cm
2, 13cm
40cm of some pretty ribbon
and strong crat glue

Cut these and emboss, ink the edges etc before you put
it together. Remember the ribbon gose up the center of the strips. Now start buy gluing the smallest strips together at one end with the ribbon in the center leaving a ribbon
tail at one end and a longer ribbon end for a bow.
Next add the middle size strip to either side then the longest. Once the glue has dired arch down the smallest strips and glue and do the same to the other strips gluing as
you go and keeping the ribbon going up the center. See easy

Tie a bow at the top and add an embossed heart to the bottom and your finished.

and a last thought
I have loved you, O my people,
with an everlasting love: with loving kindness I
have drawn you to me.
Jeremiah 31:3


Deborah said...

These are delightful Valita! I so appreciate your generosity in sharing your instructions with us!

Andrea said...

what a lovely ornament.