Monday, February 25, 2008

Fresh Folded Eggs for Easter

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Hello world :) Today im introducing my fun Fresh Folded Eggs for easter. All These patterns are created by me. After making many iris folding patterns i felt they needed more depth and dimension rather than the boring same swirl of the regular Iris Folding, so i invented the corner folding technique.... hence my Blog name Fresh Folds . Once you give this a go you'll be hooked! Remembering these patterns are used with a basic knowledge of how to Iris fold. I'll be adding more sets as time goes by so check back often i have some nice designs up my sleve!
If you are interested in these patterns please email me.

I hope you find this new technique as fun and as fresh as i have. And Im here to give any help in making that happen for you....heres a pic my DH took when i was finishing these pattern sets.

Excuse the messy table some how i seem to work best when its like that!! heheh. And i finally got my new emboss folders that Dave odered for my birthday...ill have some fun now.... have a lovely Day..Valita
and a last thought

Find rest, Oh my soul, in God alone;
my hope comes from Him.
Psalm 62:5


Stampmouse said...

those are pretty cool. great work

your link to the ebay site doesn't come up with anything in your shop just an fyi

valita said...

had a few hickups with ebay but all good now...Valita

Dawn Dooley said...

I wanted to say your eggs are darling. I am a huge fan of your blog and have used your technique and ideas. Thank you for sharing, I have a guestion, will you ever make your shop available to the USA? I admire your talent and creativity and think you are awesome.

Tranquilita said...

I'm so happy with your egg patterns!!! I can't wait to begin to work with them!

Thank you so much!!!

Diana Tio (Tranquilita)

valita said...

Diana Glad you got them ok youve my first buyer enjoy...Valita

Dawn sign in to US ebay and put my item No. in and you should be able to buy through there...Valita

Carol said...

Stampmouse sent me the link to your blog to see your iris folding. Holy cow! They are fantastic. I especially liked your guitar. Is that an original design? Wonderful work--thanks for sharing. Carol (foxxxbatt)

cowchipper said...

interesting reading. I love the eggs. Also, enjoy your embossing folders. I love mine! i am always searching for ideas and you had some nice ones. Please take a moment to visit my friends blog at and tell her cowchipper sent ya. Keep up the great ideas and posting of them!

Barbara said...

I just love what you do with folded paper. Your designs are so elegant. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent.