Monday, December 3, 2007

Standing Christmas Trees and pets rats

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I thought i'd show you all how to do these cute standing christms trees. But before we start i have to show you some daughter owns 2 pairs of pet rats which are still growing on me.... they have recently had babies and are sooooo cute or as cute as rats get. when she cleans out their cages she puts them in a container to keep them from escaping. well rats are nocturnal and are pretty quiet during the day. She yells out to me to come and look at her mother rat which looks like she was so glad to get a break from all those babies. It looked so funny she looked dead but was sound asleep. Speaking of rats here are our 2 lastest puppet caracters Martin and Mansel. our group will be perfoming tonight at a combined churches christmas concert with the new rats.....we have quite afew performances over christmas and new year which is always a busy time for the puppets but a fun time. Anyway back to the christmas trees

Standing Christmas Tree Tutorial
You'll need:
3 squares of 4 1/2 x 4 1/2" card
double sided tape
and whatever you want to decorate your tree with

Fold the 3 squares diagoally. with one colour you will only see the bottom so choose which 2 colours to want to see the most. going on my tree i layed red down first which was my least seen colour and lined up purple with double sided tape down along the center fold. I then cuttlebug embossed the yellow and taped that down the other sied of the center line.
This is how i chose to decorate my tree, but it is really limitless

I stamped the card stock and added ribbon to keep it closed and cuttlebug dies for the flowers/ slider tag and some scalloped edging. when you fold it up it will overlap a colour, mine was purple so i had 2 side yellow and 1 purple. I made a star with a jumbo flower punch and keep your eyes open now for all the chrissy decorations you can use.... all those little bits and peices which i used for the center of the flowers.

and your done. this can also be folded up to post as a card if
you like or would make great table decorations for your christmas dinner. here are some closeups. hope you have enjoyed another of my tutorials.Valita

A thought for today

Fix your thoughts on what is true and good and right.
Think about things that are pure and lovely, and
dwell on the fine good things in others.Think
about all you can praise God for and be glad about.
Philippians 4:8


Lynn said...

All your cards are very inspirational thanks so much for sharing with us.

Deborah said...

What an AMAZING card Valita! I'm looking at your photos, still trying to figure it out (lol). I'd like to try one...I'm just a bit spatially challenged...

suulynn said...

I enjoyed all of your projects, especially the elf shoe & santa boot ... what is A4 paper? Can you tell me what size that would measure in U.S. size? Do the printed patterns need to be enlarged after printing them?
Thanks for sharing your wonderful work!

Loralynn said...

Thank you so much for the tree decoration! I made one up for my parents as their Christmas "card" this year! Just an aside, I made mine permanent so that it is not collapsable. By doing it this way, I was able to overlap each flap so that you get the same amount of each paper showing all the way around.

CraftHobbies said...

WoW i love all your work, and i hope you don't mind copying someideas so i can try to make some myself. Thanks for sharing all your great works of art.

Regina said...

this is a grea idea for christmas! Thanks!