Friday, November 30, 2007

A Fun Santa card

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Told you I had some fun stuff. So what better way to do that than with Santa. it's a shame we grow up and finally work out that santa isnt real but in a way we need to so we can truly appreciate who's really doing the giving and why. My husband and me still sneak outside with bells when the kids are almost asleep and carry on like santa. They get a kick out of it even though they are teenagers and know its dad (good times and laughs). So heres my version of santa and a Tutorial on how he was created.

A Fun Santa Card Tutorial
you will need:
different coloured card stock
contrasting scrapbook print

stamping inks (black/silver)
cuttlebug dies/embossing folder
3/4" circle punch
double sided tape
jumbo scallop scissors

Ok lets start....Using a 23 x 15cm size card fold in half. open out and score a diagonal line from the botton right of your card front to the top left and fold back
mark 6 1/2 cm up and score another line up to the top left and fold inwards
this will give you the basic card front.

Next using the large triangle on the card front as a template cut santas hat with red card stock and emboss using a cuttlebug emboss folder. Using jumbo scallop scissors cut a 10cm strip for his hat rim. attach with double sided tape to the card front.

With the cuttle bug dies cut 3 large flowers for his beard and 1 four petaled die cut in half for his mustache. 1 3/4 " circle for his nose. Emboss all of these and wipe silver ink over the white beard and mustache then edge with black ink. Edge his hose with red ink. Arrange under his hat and glue in place. you will also have to double sided tape the card flaps down but do this last so you can work with getting his face right.

Add in your patterned insert inside your card, a pressy on the front (mine is a cuttlebug die) and a nice ribbon down the side. for his pom pom at the top of his hat i used my circle snowflake flower/star found here and your done didnt take long and was a fun card to do. I hope you enjoy making Santa. Valita
A thought for today

Don't worry about anything: instead pray about everything
tell God your needs and dont forget to thank Him
for His answers. If you do this you will experience
God's peace which is far more wonderful
than the human mind can understand
His peace will keep your thoughts and hearts quiet
and at rest as you trust in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6,7


Anonymous said...

I love your fun santa....your instructions are beutifully clear...thank-you for sharing.


miss said...

Wow Valita
I just love Santa and I love your blog. It is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, and I especially like your santa, I collect Santa's so I will definately be giving your guy a try!! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Will be looking forward to more from you.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog you have. I look forward to checking it out in the future! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Gerrie said...

What a refreshing Santa. Just love him. Thanks for sharing

Suzanne said...

fantastic card! thanks for sharing it with us!

Anonymous said...

I love your Santa card. Thanks for sharing it. And a big thanks for sharing the instructions!

Anonymous said...

you are so clever - I love this idea! Thanks for this tutorial!!!