Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tiny paint rollers

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I was asked by Patsy, a friend from the CircleOfCrafters forum, if i would show her how to make these tiny paint rollers. Now i must stress that i didn't invent these i seen it made by another member of the forum (which by the way are all very talented friends)...and looking at the supplies i had on hand came up with this version of my owm.

You will need:

One 5cm long plastic coated paper clip
thin card stock one colour and black
a good quick drying craft glue

Cut the colour you've chosen for the roller to 8x3cm.
start the rolling prosess on a knitting needle and then roll up leaving a tail of paper unrolled.
use a quick drying craft glue and hold in place till it dries.
Cut a 6x2cm strip of black or the handle and rool up all the length and glue closed.

Next bend out the paperclip and adjust to the shape you will need using my pic as a guide

add some glue to the paperclip and slide on the roller and handle and set aside to dry.
Use then to add to your cards, scrapbook pages etc. These would be great added to mens cards.
Heres Angela's blog she has great instructions on how to make the shirt i made on this card and lots of other stuff. I know this will help you Patsy and its gives others some more ideas.Valita

A thought for today

Work together with one heart
and mind and purpose
Philippians 2:2


Gerrie said...

cute idea. great for housewarming cards too. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Another great idea :)

I cant keep up ;)

Hugs Heather

Anonymous said...

I really liked your thought for today. I work at a Treatment Facility and it seems the staff are all trying to do their own thing instead of working together....

Deb M. said...

Cute idea! Thanks for sharing the instructions. :o)

Unknown said...

Very clever idea. I don't care if you thought of it or not, I appreciate you doing the tutorial and sharing it with us! :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing.

Becky Green said...

This is WONDERFUL!!!!!!LOVE IT when someone makes THEIR OWN embellishments! SOOOO NEAT! :)CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!