Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Easter

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Hi all, this last month has been a whirlwind of stuff happening with Granny her condition has had the added complication of heart failure now along with infections...but she is stabilizing in this condition. As you can imagine this is having a huge impact on every day life for all of us. I guess we are blessed the hospital is only 2 streets away which makes time with her a whole lot easier. So forgive me for the lack of posts but Im sure you will understand. These are some of the easter cards we did in class and i thought i would share them with you ....i will be having a few weeks off for the school holidays.

These 2 above folded card patterns are available for sale on my pattern blog in an easter pack

I know one thing i have understood more fully lately and that is to walk each day by faith in Jesus. and ill leave you with a text that has helped me......have a happy easter all.... Valita XX

and a last thought

You shall weep no more, for He will
surely be gracious to you at the sound of your cry.
He will answer you. Though He give you the
bread of adversity and the water of affliction,
yet he will be with you to teach you-with your
own eyes you will see your teacher.
And if you leave Gods paths and go astray,
You will hear a voice behind you say,
"No, this is the way; walk here."
Isaiah 30:19-21


Tranquilita said...

Dear Valita, as always it's a pleasure to admire your work. It's been a while since last time I put a comment in your blog but I'm here again. Happy Easter!!!

Caroljenks said...

Gorgeous cards - Love the bunny one :)
Just wanted to let you know I've made and uploaded a card using your cupcake template - I found it whilst searching and it was just perfect for what I wanted :)
Just wanted to thank you and would love you to have a look :)
Carol x

Jennifer said...

Love your Easter cards Valita. Love the cross!!!Sorry to hear that your grandma is not well. God bless her! Have a wonderful Easter!