Thursday, March 19, 2009

Im loving these no tool flowers

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Hi all, well i have been flat out working in our garden....getting classes ready and visiting my mum in law whose in hospital she is very sick and needs our prayers, her name is Audrey. im loving these no tool flowers that Joanne makes...go here to see and find her pattern, thank you Joanne. We've decided to revamp our yard as the grass isnt growing well and we only have a small yard anyhow. Im so enjoying being in my garden after 6 months of panic attacks ive found some peace in my garden God is good. I love succulents and Bromeliads and it amazes me how many varieties are out there. I just bought a succulent yesterday called Donkey's ears and i think its's a pic

Check out how this beauty makes new plants at the ends of the leaves!!! Gods creation always amazes me! and a pic of our front yard....finally finished but still needs a few more plants. Best thing is no more mowing!

thankyou for all your comments in my guest book and concerns for me and my family over summer we do appreciate them. and ill leave you all with.....

a last thought
A single day in your temple is better
than a thousand anywhere else!
I would rather be a doorman of the
temple of my God than live in
palaces of wickedness.

Psalms 84:10

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Sandra said...

I'm really enjoying the way your using the no flower technique of Joanne's. I love that you can just use what's around you. Thanks.
Oh and I saw your name on a list of 151 ways to use a cuttlebug. Awesome!