Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter cards using the space left from Cutouts

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Open in Mobile App Hi again.... wow two posts in two days it would have to be a record lately :P  just another quick Easter card idea using the space left from cutouts. I first seen the bird card on pinterest but the link was broken so i cant give credit to who came up with this idea but thank you anyway! the bunting card was all hand drawn and I cut the triangle flags with a craft knife. Anyway sit back and enjoy the video. Happy Easter!
Blessings to you

 and a last thought
When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave
 me renewed hope and cheer.
 Psalm 94:19



Sandie C said...

Thanks heaps for the great video on how to make those great cards.

Love the cut out idea and I will be looking at my dies with new eyes.

Design Originals by KC said...

Lovely cards and GREAT tutorial! Maybe I can draw something! lol Love your bunting :) Kathi

Laura Strack said...

Sweet and simple and I love lil' birdies and buntings. Thank you for sharing and for all the wonderful Videos! You're awesome.

sas44 said...

Great idea! Think I will use my large bird punch and try adding feathers some how.

Crafting Queen said...

Two beautiful cards.

TLady said...

VERY SWEET VALITA!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) THERE'S THAT CREATIVITY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCH TALENT!!!!!!!!!!! :) "HAPPY EASTER" TO YOU & YOURS TOO!!!!!!!! :)